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Teen killed, three injured in celebratory gunshots

AT Monitoring Desk-Kabul – A teenage boy was killed in southern Helmand province while at least three people wounded in Kabul during the celebratory gunshots minutes after the Afghan cricket team beat Zimbabwe, health officials said Friday.

Individuals who hold guns started shooting in the air to celebrate the victory of their cricket team in the big cities including Kabul, despite the requests of interior ministry not to scare people.

“A 17 years old boy was killed in the celebratory gunfire in Lashakr Gah city,” said a doctor at the provincial hospital, asking not to be named.

Kabul police say that at least three civilians were injured in the air gunshots.

“Thirty-five people have been so far arrested in connection of the celebratory gunfire in Kabul,” Basir Mujahid, Kabul police spokesman said.

It is a tradition to fire in the air when there is good news [marriage, baby birth, etc.] which usually threaten people’s lives.

In September 2013, at least five people were killed and several others injured in Kabul in the gunfire after Afghan soccer team’s victory against India in the South Asia Cup tournament.

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