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TEFA backs traditional Loya Jirga call

AT News Report-KABUL: The Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) on Monday slammed the Unity Government for what it called “illegal acts”, saying it would affect transparency of fair elections.

It emphasized on convening the traditional Loya Jirga to overcome the heart-wrenching problems in the country.

An officer for the TEFA accused President Ashraf Ghani for violating the law.

TEFA president Naeem Ayubi said political parties, considering illegal acts and interference by the government have lost confidence in the independent election. He stressed on the traditional Loya Jirga and termed it as the only remedy to pull out the country from the current crises.

“Based on laws, President could not authorize a committee to introduce new commissioners to the election commission,” he said.

According to law, the government has to introduce and elect a head of election commission from the list of the existing commissioners, he added.

It comes at a time when rumors are spreading that President Ghani is going to nominate either the President of Asia Foundation Abdullah Ahmadzai or head of Reform Commission Nadir Nadiri as Chief Election Commissioner.

TEFA claimed that the government has no political will to hold election for Wolesi Jirga and provincial councils, adding, the Presidential decree, authorizing a committee for introducing a new election commissioner goes against rules and laws.

After removal of a Chief election commissioner, the President, as per law is bound to nominate another Chief election commissioner from the existing list within 7 days, he furthered.

TEFA and the former Chief Election Commissioner have accused the government for unlawful interferences in the process of the Independent Election Commission in a bid to achieve pre-planned and required results in the elections for Wolesi Jirga and provincial councils.


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