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TEFA threatened to disclose election related secrets

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KABUL: The leadership of Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) has expressed concern about ongoing ambiguity surrounding the Afghan presidential election, and the foundation willing to disclose some secrets, but they have been seriously threatened.  

TEFA has said that efforts have been underway to lead the election to crisis and violence, calling on the international community to take necessary steps to resolve the ongoing challenges, which is dangerous for the country.

Without mentioning the name of a group or individual, Naim Ayoubzada, head of TEFA said “there are efforts to violate the people’s votes.”

Expressing concerns, he said that these false attempts may mislead the election. “If the supportive countries didn’t take actions to broke the election tensions, the current challenges would not be solved,” Ayoubi said,  

The disputes between Independent Election Commission and candidates have been grown up after the commission decided to recount the 300,000 votes. But, a number of candidates have accused the IEC of favoritism and fraudulence, saying that these votes are not transparent and that they have been casted illegally.

Thousands of supporters of “Stability and Partnership” electoral team led by Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah have staged demonstrations and against votes’ recount in several provinces. The protestors have blocked the recounting centers in seven of North provinces.  

Meanwhile, head of TEFA said that IEC has not been able to provide satisfactory responses for the electoral tickets.

Ayoubi urged the candidates not to oppose the technical implementation of the commission and pave the ground for a transparent recounting process. 

On September 28th, thousands of people have dared threats and insecurity and come out home to take part in the presidential polls. The people have voted in a hope to make a bright future for their country but the recent challenges in the election have put a negative impact on the transparency of the process.  

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