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TEFA threatened to keep fraud evidences secret

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KABUL: The Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) claims of threats posed by some candidates and their supporters not to reveal evidences it holds about fraud cases in the September 28th presidential election.

Naeim Ayoubzada, head of the body, said on Wednesday that they have reliable evidences and documents proving fraud cases in the election.

Meanwhile, the Independent Electoral Complaint Commission has denounced threats of TEFA as an electoral crime.

Ayoubzada did not identify those electoral teams who threatened them, but said they were senior individuals in some teams.

He said that he couldn’t share the evidences with the media due to their security fear.

“We have collected 75 per cent of result sheets from 34 provinces and we know now that which one of the candidates has won the most of votes. We know about the real turnout, but we have been threatened and these threats are serious. These threats were posed by powerful supporters of some electoral tickets,” he said.

Ayoubzada also criticized the election process, saying if it goes on, the results of preliminary votes would be announced with a delay.

The TEFA also says of severe differences between officials in the independent election commission, which it believes would put a negative impact on the votes.

Lack of professional observers, premature victory allegations, and political pressures on the independent election commission, were other matters made TEFA concerned.

But, Zarmina Kakar, spokeswoman of the independent electoral complaint commission, called any threat to the monitoring bodies “electoral crime”. “The electoral compliant commission will introduce anybody who threatens anyone to judicial organs. This is an electoral crime.”

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