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Tehran, Moscow confer on regional, Afghanistan affairs

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KABUL: In a meeting between the special envoy of the Russian President for Afghanistan affairs Zamir Kabulov and Iran’s ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali the two sides discussed regional and Afghanistan affairs.

The two officials hold talks on the ongoing issues in Afghanistan and the vitality of cooperation between Iran and Russia on resolving the named country’s problems, MNA has reported on Saturday.

They also voiced readiness on the continuation of mutual negotiation on the issue.

Both Iran and Russia are trying to find a solution to internal tensions in Afghanistan, however, there have been some baseless claims about their measures stances.

On July 5, Kabulov rejected the US CIA accusing Russia of “colluding” with the Taliban, stressing that the US has a hand in drug trafficking in Afghanistan.

Russia had earlier voiced readiness to send troops to Afghanistan to fight terrorism if the Afghan authorities ask for it.

Iran has also announced readiness to help the Afghanistan government with advancing the process of peace talks in the country.

However, US Peace Envoy to Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad has said that Iran is not amply supporting the Afghan peace process.

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