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Telecommunication Day Marked In Kabul

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The World Telecommunication Day was marked Tuesday in Kabul, with the participation of senior government officials, where the problems and challenges the communication is facing discussed.

Deputy Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqqeq pledged that the government would make efforts to solve the security threats ministry of telecommunication and information technology faces.

“Insecurity deems as a challenge ahead of the telecommunication and marred progress of the telecommunication sector. I pledge to discuss the issue in Security Council and seek solution,” Mohaqqeq said.

He insisted that the technology must be used utmost in different aspects as it is used other countries.

He urged the ministry to pave the ground for investment in this sector.

“Information technology progressed well in the past decade, where $2.5 billion invested in the sector and government earns $200 million income,” he asserted.

Legislator Gulalai Akbari called insecurity as a barrier for Telecommunication Company as well as a challenge for customers.

She said that insurgents target telecommunication towers causing cut of connection and financial losses for the companies.

She said that also illegal SIM cards can be used by terrorist for communication and planning of subversive activities.

Akbari asked the ministry of telecommunication to take measures for solution of selling of illegal SIM cards.

Deputy telecommunication minister Barialai Hesam said that telecommunication progressed speedily and 89 percent of the country covered in the past 14 years.

He said that currently 25 million customers are using mobile phone and two million people use internet services across the country.

“We are trying to run broadband project soon to strengthen electronic-governance throughout the country,” he underlined.

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