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Tempers run high against ‘ineffective counter-terrorism’

AT-KABUL: Some Afghan senators have lashed out at government’s ‘ineffective counter-terrorism action plans’ in bid to reduce terrorist threats and beef up security, as the country is facing the dilemma of aggravating insecurity and internal rifts.

Members of the Upper House of the Parliament were infuriated over a drastic increase in civilian casualties compared to last year, demanding the president take immediate action to defend the people.

Senator Nader Baluch said that security apparatus have shortcomings, unraveling the dark reality that the war is waged by the country’s enemies and “we are just on the defense.”

Senators also called on people to support security forces and stand against foreign conspiracies.

Half of the population lives under the poverty line, “which per se is very alarming”, said the Senate’s first deputy speaker Muhammad Alam Izadyar. This threat – coupled with increasing insecurity – leaves people with no option but fleeing the country or joining the enemy forces, he warned, urging the government to address these dilemmas.

In the meantime, the Senate chairman Fazlul Hadi Muslimyar demanded a robust plan be devised to identify and punish those who are in defiance of national interests.

He argued that Pakistani pseudo-scholars refute attacks on their country but show no reaction to killing of people in mosques in Afghanistan.

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