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Tens of Afghan Sikhs, Hindus return home

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KABUL: Forty families of Sikhs and Hindus have repatriated after spending years in migration due to escalating violence that targeted the minority as well.

“These 40 families have come back home from India and received cash and foodstuff provided by the government,” said Narendra Singh Khalsa, the only Sikh representative in the parliament.

Khalsa said Monday that the government has also promised to provide residences for the repatriates.

A great number of Sikhs and Hindus fled the country when the security situation worsened particularly in the last a couple of years that killed and injured a large number of them including women and children.

In the deadliest attack against the community, at least 25 people were killed and tens of others injured in March 2020 while they were worshipping inside a Kabul gurudwara (Sikh temple). The Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to Khalsa, 110 families of Sikhs and Hindus fled the country after the gurudwara attack.

“It is not Afghan Sikhs and Hindus who have enemies, but everyone and everything from mosque to temple and from hospital to school all are threatened. We thank the government for providing our security.”

The comeback comes as violence is increasing day by day in different areas and the peace negotiations are stalled for several months.

“I am from Ghazni province and I have come back from India. I am grateful to the government for its assistance and want more assistance for Sikhs and Hindis who come back home,” said Gornam Singh.

The state  ministry for national disaster management said they had already provided the Sikh and Hindu returnees with foodstuff and other essentials.

Sikhs and Hindus have suffered most violence. Their homes, shops and other properties were looted during the mujahideen government (1992-1996).

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