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Tens of religious schools operate illegally in Kabul

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KABUL: At least 55 illegal madrassas (religious seminaries) are active in northern parts of Kabul, the capital city, and these seminaries are being guarded by tens of armed men.

The seminaries are located in Mirbachakot, Qarabagh, Kalakan, Farza and Guldara districts, PAYK Investigative Journalism Center reported. The PAYK had interviewed some students and teachers of these seminaries in Shakardar and Qarabagh districts.

In many of these districts from two to 20 illegal seminaries are active, in which 150 to 200 students from age 10 to 25 are taking Islamic and religious lessons. The students are from various provinces.

PAYK said that these seminaries were not registered at the ministry of education and that their educational method was also not similar to the government seminaries. 

One of the instructors in a private seminary “Jami-ul- Islamia” in Qarabagh, said that teaching of the Holy Quran does not need “anyone’s permission”.

The educational method of these seminaries, he said is more developed in comparison to the government’s seminaries, therefore many students refer to the private seminaries.

But the ministry of education said that the educational centers should own the allowance licenses of the ministry and that any kind of educational functioning which is not in compromised with the ministry is considered illegal.

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