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Tens of wounded security forces remained unevacuated on Herat battlefield

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KABUL: Tens of security forces have been scrambling with severe wounds due to lack of medical supplement as drastic clashes have been continuing between the government and Taliban in Obeh district of western Herat province.

District Governor, Ziaulhaq Noori said that the insurgents staged attacks from various directions on the district. According to him, 49 wounded security forces were stuck there.

He said that the Red Cross Unite evacuated the dead bodies from the district. “All of the security forces are hungry and thirsty, our wounded are on verge dying,” he said. “Those security forces wounded, their wounds are getting severed, everything is finished here.”

He warned that the security forces would be killed or surrender to the militants if the reinforcement was not arrived.

This comes as earlier, the relatives of the wounded security forces staged protests in front of Herat Governor’s office.

The protestors voiced criticism on the government, saying that more than 150 security forces were cordoned off by the Taliban but the government has not paid any effort to support them.

But provincial governor’s office, Jailani Farhad said that they have been trying to evacuate the wounded from the district. This comes as Afghanistan has recently seen an upswing in violence as the U.S. and NATO forces departing within next few months.  

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