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Tensions simmer after herbalist claims virus cure

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KABUL: While the spread of covid-19 is at peak, the claim of discovering the coronavirus medicine by an Afghan herbalist has turned into a controversial issue with tens of people staging protests after the government closed the clinic.

Afghan sage, Hakim Alokozai has claimed the discovery of the medicine that has cured dozens of patients. But the Afghan health officials said the medicine has not been examined in laboratories and that it can be harmful for health.

Tens of people – most of them infected with covid19 – were waiting in front of Alokozai’s clinic to receive the herbal medicine.

Alokozai, who is originally from southern Kandahar province, said that he has been working as a herbalist for more than 25 years.

However, Afghanistan ministry of public health closed his clinic and called on the people not to use his medicine under final examination.

Deputy Minister Wahid Majroh told a press conference that the medicine would be checked in the standard laboratories and that it would be exported to the world if the drugs were confirmed.

Until the result of examinations, Majroh called on the people to refrain themselves from using the medicine because the ignorance of social distance is one of the main ways to spread the virus. 

Meanwhile, a representative of Kandahar people in the lower house of the parliament, Sayed Ahmad Silab demanded the government to early take the medicine throughout the checkup process for examination.

Earlier, head of Kandahar provincial council, Sayed Jan Khakriz warned that if the government halted Alokozai’s treatment center, the people would come out on the street and set protests.

This is the total number of covid19 patients in Afghanistan crossing from 15,000 with 257 deaths and 1,350 recovered.

Many of the world’s developed countries and the World Health Organization have been trying to make coronavirus vaccination since the pandemic gone worldwide. There are reports of some progression regarding the formation of the vaccination but the results have not been confirmed thus far.

A medical doctor at one of the German hospitals, Samir Bayat said, “unfortunately some of our citizens treat the issue emotionally; the results of the medicine are unclear yet; it should be tested in the laboratory.”

According to him, the unidentified medicine may harm the body and even can kill the patients. “We can never abuse a patient as the sample for the medicine,” he added.

A member of the German and Netherlands’ doctor’s committee, Assadullah Jharqin has expressed concerns over the gathering of dozens of people in front of the clinic. While the whole world with all-type facilities has not been able to make the coronavirus vaccine, how is it possible for a herbalist to make the medicine to treat the patients?

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