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Terror and grief in Jalalabad

They did it for the first time. And their attack was really horrific. It shook the brain of the security apparatus as well as the nation. Now we are faced with a double whammy. When we were desperately yearning the Taliban must quit violence, here came another devil—Daesh (the ISIS). At least 34 people were killed and more than 120 were wounded when suicide bomber rammed his motorcycle in a crowed outside the Kabul Bank branch in Jalalabad. The incident happened when government employees were standing in long queues for collect their salaries. The terror scene was enough to stand your hair on end. Human blood, charred bodies, human organs, shoes and broken glasses were strewn all around. Those who were killed must have left their homes, while patting the cheeks of their children that today they are going to draw the salary and will buy new dress for them, will bring fruits, while knowing not it will be their final day of their lives at the hands of devils. Over hundred families lost their breadwinners, their fathers, son and brothers. Their children will mourn the loss for the rest of their lives. Their sisters will mourn the loss of their brothers. And parents will remain in melancholy over the loss of their children, who were brought up amid extreme challenges. All those who were killed have left behind tales of grief. Their families will ever remain affected. And the merciless bloody forces that are hell-bent on killing Afghans don’t look at the tales of grief and how the families of the slain sustain the loss of their near and dear ones. These militants have become morons with no human hearts inside their bodies. Amid such a situation of grief and terror, our political elite’s thinking doesn’t go beyond their personal interests. Though the Taliban have denied their hand behind the attack and it is Daesh that accepted the responsibility but the incident show that a greatest evil and trouble is in the offing. And the government will have to be ready to cope with the situation. Earlier, many parliamentarians and intellectuals denied any presence of Daesh, but when the Taliban said they didn’t carry out the Jalalabad terror attack, who is there? As Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said that when the Taliban deny their involvement then they should either stand among the international terrorists (Daesh) or they should come and talk to the government. He said if they stand with Daesh, then of course, the Taliban are renegades. The problem is the militants cannot besiege the entire nation by terror rather what they can do is to keep the bloodshed going on. They will never succeed in their evil designs as the nation has rejected their message because militants believe in inhumanity, terror and bloodshed. What they could do is to target banks, schools, vehicles, hospitals, mosques, graveyards, markets and roads as they are unable to save lives by building hospitals and educate children of the nation by building schools.

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