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“Terrorism is enemy of entire human race”

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KABUL: Chinse Ambassador to Kabul Liu Jinsong met with Maulvi Abdul Hakim Munib, Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs and leader of Harakat-E-InqelabIslamiMardum Afghanistan, where both sides talked over key issues where the ambassador briefed him on a whitepaper—the fight against terrorism and extremism and human rights protection in Xinjiang.

Afghanistan and China have a long-lasting friendship; China has been consistently supportive of Afghanistan’s peaceful reconstruction, while the Afghan people sincerely hold respect, passion, and gratitude towards China, Munib said.

Both countries are confronted with the threat of terrorism and extremism, Munib said. Afghanistan, at the forefront of international counter-terrorism, is enduring huge pressure and challenges and hopes to learn from China’s experiences and policies in this regard.

Terrorism is the enemy of the entire human race, and counter-terrorism is the common concern of the international community, Liu said. Liu believes the eradication of terrorism requires comprehensive solutions that address both its symptoms and root causes.

The ambassador summarized his counter-terrorism suggestions in five points, namely holding an iron-fist attitude towards terrorists, strengthening counter-terrorism capabilities, improving economic welfare and education, and deepening the religious cooperation between countries, Chinese Embassy in Kabul tweeted.

Liu mentioned China’s freedom of religious belief and the independent self-governance of religious matters. The vocational education and training centers in China’s Xinjiang is a powerful preventative counter-terrorism measure, which has impressed Afghan visitors, Liu said.

Furthermore, Liu said the Chinese can learn from Afghanistan’s anti-extremism experiences and their admin of religious matters. Munib thanked Liu for the information. Every Afghan religious scholar who has been to China has praised China’s ethnic and religious policies, Munib said.

The ministerfurthered that in China, the authorities safeguard the freedom of religious belief by the law; religious people promote moderate doctrines; and people from various ethnic and religious groups live together in harmony.

Munib said that the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs is willing to play its due part in bilateral cooperation on religious matters. Munib and Liu also discussed bilateral relations, the Afghan peace process, and the inter-party cooperation between the two countries.

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