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Terrorist attack in Moscow leaves at least 60 killed


Kabul: At least 115 people have been killed and 145 wounded according to unofficial reports in the worst terror attack in Russia in years, as gunmen in combat fatigues opened fire and detonated explosives in a big concert hall in Moscow.

The attack, which left the concert hall in flames and its roof in a state of collapse, was one of the worst in Russia since the 2004 Beslan school siege in which more than 330 people, half of them children, were killed. The death toll appeared set to rise, according to unconfirmed reports.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said Friday’s raid was a “huge tragedy.” President Vladimir Putin was being given continuous updates about the situation, according to his spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. The terror group took responsibility for the attack in a short statement published by ISIS-affiliated news agency Amaq on Telegram on Friday.

Many regional countries, including Iran, the Taliban administration in Afghanistan, and other countries formerly part of the Soviet Union, have labeled last night’s attack on a concert hall in Moscow as “terrorist.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban, referring to last night’s attack, attributed it to ISIS, stating that the group is seeking to “defame Islam.”

The United States and European Union member countries have condemned this attack. However, American media, citing a spokesperson for the White House Security Council, have reported that they were informed about the possibility of an attack on large gatherings in Russia and had warned the Kremlin.

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