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“Terrorist groups enjoy foreign support”

KABUL: Afghanistan’s Chief Executive says that terrorist groups receive support from foreign countries which use them as a tool for their own whims.

Deputy Spokesman for the chief executive Omid Maysam said Wednesday that some regional countries use terrorism for their own goals.

Although Russia says ISIL fighters are being transferred from Pakistan to Afghanistan and from there to Central Asia, the chief executive now emphasizes that terrorism has ‘regional support’ and equipment.

The chief executive presented a clear picture of security and military situation in Afghanistan and the fight against terrorist groups. The Chief Executive praised victims of the Afghan Armed Forces in the fight against terrorism as one of the country’s major challenges. The Chief Executive also assessed role and forces important and constructive in this fight.

He said stressed on the joint struggle against terrorist acts by regional countries and warned against using terrorism as a tool for realization of foreign policy goals.

Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has said that terrorists are being transferred from Pakistan by choppers to Tajikistan borders.

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