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Terrorist groups feted in ‘specific regional states’; Govt.

AT News Report-KABUL: The terrorist groups carrying attacks in Afghanistan are based in the “certain regional countries”, claims the government, in reaction to the annual report released by the United States department of state that says about the centers of terrorist groups in the neighboring Pakistan.

Omid Maisam, a spokesman for the chief executive, said Saturday that if the terrorist groups were not supported, they would not be able to face Afghan security forces.

He added that terrorist groups were still armed and financed in the foreign countries, where an opportunity for their intellectual growth was provided.

“The terrorist groups that have been fighting our nation and government as well as our international allies for several years, have supporters at the other sides of our borders. These groups are armed and equipped there and enjoy supports in different aspects,” said Maisam, adding that peace and security would be impossible in Afghanistan, unless the supporters of terrorist groups were more pressured by sanctions.

The US department states has said that the Taliban and Haqqani network are still active in Pakistan, where they plan and organize offensive attacks on Afghan and foreign troops, while Islamabad was yet to limit their activities.

The report has also said that the fighters of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, an armed group fighting Pakistani forces, were hiding in the areas between Afghan and Pakistan border line.

The government of Afghanistan has repeatedly said that terrorist groups have safe havens in Pakistani soil, calling for pressures on Islamabad to close the havens.

Military analysts believe that enough Pakistan was not under enough pressure and was strongly supporting terrorist groups.

“The US and its allies have not pressured Pakistan as they were expected to. The ongoing war in Afghanistan is carried out be terrorist groups who are supported in Pakistan,” said Bari Arez, a military expert.

He mentioned evidences showing that Islamabad supports terrorists and use them against Afghanistan.



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