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Terrorists can’t suffocate freedom of expression: Two killed in attack on Shamshad TV; channel resumed broadcasting within hours

Afghanistan Times strongly condemns terrorist attack on Shamshad TV, calling it inhuman, atrocious act

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: At least two people were killed and 20 others wounded in an attack against the Shamshad, a local TV channel in Kabul, officials said Tuesday.

“The attack ended in Shamshad TV after killing of two attackers by Afghan Special Forces,” said Najib Danish, spokesman for the ministry of interior.

He said that two guards of Shamshad TV were killed and five more including one staff and four firefighters were wounded in the incident.

Kabul Police Spokesman Basir Mujahid said that in advance a blast took place in front of the entrance gate of the Shamshad TV and later two others insurgents armed with weapons stormed inside the TV compound and started firing.

Shortly after the incident police Special Forces reached to the area and killed both armed insurgents after over two hours of clashes, he added.

Shamshad TV channel resumed its broadcasting normally, in which its presenter said that the attack continued for near three hours.

Shamshad TV News Director Abed Ehsas who receive minor injuries during attack said that in advance the attacker who dressed with police uniform dropped grenade bombs on TV channel guards and latter others stormed inside and started firing.

He said that most of the staffs escaped though backyard of the TV even number of staffs jumped from building.

He said that all staffs trapped inside were rescued safely by Special Forces and now we resumed broadcasting normally.

Shamsahd twitted that 20 of their staffers were wounded in the attack.

Taliban denied having hands behind the attack, but the Daesh terrorist group has reportedly claimed responsibility.

President Ghani strongly condemned the attack over Shamshad TV. President said that such attacks will never impede the intention of reporters and media outlets.

In a statement issued by presidential palace said that such attacks show that terrorist will never spare any efforts to reach to their goal even they target innocent people and media outlets.

President Ghani pledged to take measure in order to protect media outlets providing information for people about Afghanistan and region.

National Security Advisor, Mohammad Hanif Atmar condemned the terrorist attack on Shamshad TV.

He said that “It is an inhumane and atrocious act contrary to all Islamic values and norms.”

Terrorists want to block and obstruct people voices and suppress press freedom which is result of our people’s and government sacrifices in last decade, he added.

He said that I appreciate brave ANDSF in eliminating attackers; assure journalists and press of government’s determination to take firm steps for their protection.

Afghanistan Times, the leading English newspaper in the country, strongly condemned attack on Shamshad tv, consider it as attack directly against media.

Times believe that such attack will never mar Afghan media outlets from delivering sound and first hand reporting, rather this attack add to our courage to unmakes real face of enemies of Afghanistan. We stand in solidarity with our Shamshad colleagues.

This is the third attack over media outlets; on the month of May this year Daesh attacked national TV station in Nangarhar. Also last year Taliban car bomber targeted the Tolo TV private channel in Kabul city, where in both attacks over ten media staffs killed and over ten others wounded.



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