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Terrorists continue to target religious scholars to sabotage peace bid

By Mujeeb R. Awrang

KABUL: For the ages, the people of Afghanistan have been imitating their cultural practice that gives a special respect and solemnity to the Islamic clerics. Besides politicians, these clerics are considered the leading aspects of the society. Even the top political leaders are offering an honor to the Ulema and paying heed to their sermons on different issues based on the Islamic teachings.

But Friday’s attack targeting an Imam inside a mosque in Karta-e-Chahar in PD3 of Kabul city, has severely shocked the Afghans masses and the intentional community. Ambassadors of different countries in Kabul have strongly condemned the attack on innocent worshippers.

Maulvi Azizullah Mufleh, the Imam, along with three other worshippers was killed after an IED placed inside the mosque went off during Friday prayers. Nearly ten other worshippers received injuries in the blast.  

Earlier, a prominent Imam of the Wazir Akbar Khan, Dr. Ayaz Niazi was killed alongside a worshiper in similar act of violence. An IED was placed inside the mosque and went off when Dr. Niazi had entered to lead the prayers. He was one of the discerning Ulemas, who had always condemned any sort of extremist with discrimination. He was calling on the people to live a peaceful life and preserve social ethics morality.

The attack was condemned by several organizations and prominent figures in Afghanistan.

“We condemn the vile attack on worshipers at the Sher Shah Suri mosque and offer our condolences to the victims and families. Terrorists will never defeat the Afghan people who come together in peace,” the US embassy said in a tweet.

NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan, Stefano Pontecorvo has strongly condemned the attack on Sher Shah Suri mosque. “The perpetrators must be brought to justice. As we face a historical opportunity for peace, spoilers can’t be allowed to disrupt it. We stand with Afghanistan in the fight against terror,” he added.

What brings us to think about is that almost all of the clerics, who so far targeted, are considered non-violent. The vast majority of the nation believes in the religious notions.

To silence the voice of those Ulemas – who all the time expressed peaceful messages with emphasizing on the people to shun extremism and reintegrate into civil society – it seems a new game unfolding by the enemies who are malicious for a stable Afghanistan. As the Afghans are giving more attention to the clerics’ recommendation even in their usual life, the spoiler’s element of Afghanistan’s stability can’t digest to see such a nation observing the Imams.

In the course of history, the enemies of Afghanistan have pressurized their favorite clerics or even become a hypocrite Mullah to carry their evil designs. The existence of the clerics that condemn violent acts in all forms and encourage people toward peaceful life is unacceptable for the enemies of the country.

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