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Terrorists killed 16 civilians in attack on construction company in Nangarhar

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KABUL: At least 16 civilians and a security force “embraced martyrdom” and nine more received injures after a construction company they were working in, came under attack of five terrorists in eastern Nangarhar province.

The incident occurred on Wednesday early morning, where again civilians become the worst victim.

Provincial Governor Spokesman, Attaullah Khogyanai told Afghanistan Times that five attackers, including two suicide bombers, attacked the Private Afghan Construction Company, MQ, early on Wednesday morning at 5:00am, local time. It took at least five and a half hours for the Afghan security forces to kill all the terrorists.

“Unfortunate, 16 employees of the construction company has been killed and another six were injured,” Khogyanai lamented.

The injured employees already shifted to regional hospital and currently under treatments, two of them are in “critical condition,” the spokesman added.

“So far, a car full of explosives and several IEDs placed in the company by the terrorists, were destroyed by the security forces, Khogyanai said, adding a final statement with more information on the attack will be released later.

Nangarhar Governor Office later in a statement said security organizes already had intelligence information about a possible terrorist attack against government buildings in Jalalabad city. “That’s why, security was put on high alert inside the city, and the terrorists could not enter the city but averted their attack in a construction company outside the city.”

There is no immediate claim of responsibility to the attack by any insurgent outfits, while Daesh and Taliban fighters are active in its remote and mountainous areas.

The terrorist attack came after few months’ relatively calm in the Nangarhar province.  It has been witnessed such brutally attacks on regular bases in recent two years. But such attacks have been halted in recent months after Special Forces had been deployed in the city and several operations against militants had already been launched in several districts of the province.

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