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The aerial surveillance of Afghanistan is not over


Kabul: The United States has published its new security strategy in 48 pages.

US president, Joe Biden assures that Afghanistan will never be a safe haven for terrorist attacks against the US and its allies while presenting the new US national security strategy.

Pointing to the killing of Ayman al-Zawahiri, another leader of al-Qaeda after Osama bin Laden, Biden said that the 20-year war in Afghanistan has ended, but the aerial surveillance of terrorist groups has not ended.

Biden added, “We have ended the long war in Afghanistan, by implementing justice, we have achieved our goals years ago and we have eliminated Osama bin Laden. We also recently targeted Ayman al-Zawahiri. We have the ability to target groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS through space. We will not leave Afghanistan to become a hiding place for terrorists. The Taliban should also take serious steps towards fulfilling their promises in the fight against terrorism.

Biden added that they are able to prevent and repel the threat to their allies from a distance.

The United States’ newly released national security strategy calls for restrained use of the American military in the Middle East.

Instead, it prioritizes “out-competing China and constraining Russia” while criticizing the expanded missions of U.S. wars in recent decades.

The Islamic Emirate has not shown any reaction to Biden’s new strategy, but they have been warning Washington of bad results in return for these attacks.

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