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Afghan Interior Ministry denies ISIS-K leader’s presence in Afghanistan


Kabul: The Taliban’s Ministry of Interior asserts that Sanaullah Ghafari, the leader of ISIS-Khorasan in Afghanistan, is not within the country, and Afghanistan’s territory is not being utilized against any nation. Recent attacks by Daesh in Afghanistan and other countries have prompted concerns globally.

Following Daesh assaults in Kandahar and Moscow, Reuters, citing two sources within the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban, reported that although Ghafari was initially rumored to have been killed in Afghanistan in June 2023, he fled to Pakistan while injured and is believed to be residing in parts of Balochistan.

However, the Ministry of Interior refutes the presence of the ISIS-Khorasan leader in Afghanistan, emphasizing that Afghanistan’s soil will not be used against any country. Abdul Matin Qane, spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, stated, “We reject this claim, and it is not true that an individual named Sanaullah is residing in Afghanistan.”

Earlier, certain U.S. officials, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Senator Lindsey Graham, had addressed Daesh activities in Afghanistan, stressing the importance of suppressing the group within the country. However, the Taliban dismissed these assertions as an exaggeration by the United States.

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