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The aid package of 40 million USD reached Kabul

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Kabul: Afghanistan received a fresh batch of 40 million U.S. dollars in cash humanitarian aid and deposited to one of the country’s commercial banks, the central bank said in a statement on September 6.

While expressing gratitude and appreciation for the help of the international community, Da Afghanistan Bank asks them to interact and cooperate in the banking sector and facilitate the field of banking relations with Afghanistan.

The last tranche of cash provided to Afghanistan as humanitarian aid was 40 million U.S. dollars on August 29, which helped the country to increase foreign exchange reserves and prevent a possible economic collapse.

According to Central Bank statistics, the total amount of cash aid from the international community after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan reaches more than one billion and 153 million U.S. dollars.

There is no information about how these aids are used and how much has been dispensed so far.

After the Taliban takeover, Afghanistan’s foreign assets were frozen and the country’s access to international banks was blocked.

This restriction resulted in a liquidity crisis and led to a sharp decline in the value of Afghanistan’s national currency.

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