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The Anarchy in Afghanistan

There is a joke in Afghanistan that is called the government. The big player made the joke after Usama played a game with the big player, the dangerous game. This game brought the American, the European, and many other players to Afghanistan. They empowered the killers, the alcoholics, the womanizers, the gamblers, the lout, and deadbeats. Do not tell anyone; they are now the heroes, the leaders, the Nobel, the judges, the generals, the minister, the MPs, and the governors. The loafers are not the loafers anymore; they are the Royals because the players made them Royals.

Furthermore, the players started giving birth to the aliens in the graveyard of empires. The aliens, yeah, the aliens they are of two types: the most dangerous and the dangerous. The most hazardous are the youngsters, while the older ones are dangerous. The older aliens are typical Afghans while the younger are more of Usama types that kill everyone, destroy everything, and send everyone to paradise, yeah, their imaginary paradise. Furthermore, some people do not want to go to heaven, but they must. No choice. The only available option is to die and go to paradise. The leading owner of the aliens sits in our neighborhood, the best friend of the big player. They must have something in common, of course, they have something in common, the graveyard of empires. The big player and other players swim in the bloodbath of the residents of the graveyard of empires. The genocide, sorry, what did I say? My mistake, I should never call the game genocide because the game is the game. The big player wants to replace the joke with the aliens, yeah, with the older one, but the joke resists.

This broken car (the joke) got two steering wheels with two unlicensed drivers that try to take the same vehicle into two opposite directions. The car is stuck and broken, but the drivers are typical Afghans, the masters of the killing, looting, and deceiving people for decades. They must drive the car, the stuck vehicle, to an unidentified destiny.

More than ten percent of the residents of the graveyard are drug users. More than 90 percent of the employees are corrupt.

 The biggest joker admits that more than 90 percent of people live under the poverty line, so what? They just spent $ 18 billion. The ghost school, teachers, students, hospitals, police, army are plenty in the graveyard. The graveyard broke the record of having military generals globally, more than Great Britain has. It broke the record of producing opium globally; it got the highest position in corruption from time to time globally. Democracy, republic, Islam, and the Communist ideologies all were defamed in the graveyard.

Do you know what the reason behind all these achievements is? The lack of a brain in the skulls.

Now comes the new game, the deal between the big player and older aliens. Nonetheless, the neighbor is NOT happy; yeah, it must be not comfortable. It took some aliens into custody because some of the aliens claim that they are independent—a new joke independency in the graveyard is impossible. It seems that history repeats itself, and it looks as if 1992 returns again.

Mohammad Akbar Paiman

MD, MSc Epidemiology

Kabul Afghanistan

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0791966514

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