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The dilemma of combatting coronavirus psychological fallout

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KABUL: As Italy has been severely suffering from covid-19 outbreak, the country’s national health institute has shared consultations regarding fighting the mental pressure of the coronavirus.

The consultation has been shared under the title of “fighting the mental pressure at homes and families”. 

The institute wrote that the mental depression is created as we are experiencing an emergency health condition which avoids us from usual feeling of shaking hands, social distancing and feeling of fear about our families’ situation.  

Fear is a natural feeling which define human as an alive creature but over fearing is damaging our health.

How to avoid depression?

Observation of health officials’ recommendation is a key to avoid depression. As the spread of coronavirus has been in an unabated level, we should observe medical recommendation to avoid mental stress; it means, stay at home, keep social distancing, wash hands and avoid body touching even with members of your family.

When someone is stayed at home for a longtime, there is a highly possibility of fear, anxiety and madness, which even at some point lead us to some harmful actions, so we should control our emotions.

How to spend time at home?

Remember that world is still accessible even by staying at home.  You can still talk with whomever you want, you can read whatever you interested in, you can look at whatever you like and there are several technological sources which have numerous options for amusements.

What parents should do?

The parents should pay attention to their own mental situation, so that they can well-take care of their children. The parents should change the usual way of living, find some new methods of daily living and enjoy life together.

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