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The endless pledges

Comprehensive debates had taken place from time to time over failures and successes of the United Nations since its establishment in October 1945. The failures are more than successes. However, it is not what perturbs Afghans but the war-weary nation is upset over failure of this supreme global body to restore peace and end the three decades of war in Afghanistan. Indeed it is big failure of the UN, but surprisingly the mainstream media and major international actors have turned a blind eye to it. Afghans are bleeding since December 1979 but the UN is acting like a silent spectator. It seems that the UN has been hijacked by a few powerful countries that decide about fate of the third world countries and set a course for international relations. The result is the futile New World Order where wars are spreading from one country to another like parasites. These players are dominating the international political arena.

The UN has made several pledges to support the Afghan government and end the conflict but the promises are yet to be translated into actions, though, it is duty of the UN to end the conflict and maintain peace in the region.

Another such pledge was once again made by the UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman. During his trip to Kabul, he said the UN would continue to support the government and people of Afghanistan in the areas of security and economy.  This nation is hearing such statements for the past 30 years. Yet there is no sign of positive change in their lives. Nearly 26,000 civilians have been killed and over 100,000 injured in the Afghan war since 2001. Unfortunately, around 1,300 Afghan civilians were killed in the US-led aerial bombing campaign from October 7, 2001 and January 1, 2012. By mid-January 2002, around 3,200 more civilians died of starvation, illnesses or injuries sustained as result of the war. Now Afghans are tired of such statements and they want to see practical steps taken by the international community to eliminate insurgency and restore peace and stability.

Though, the United Nations has established a special mission for Afghanistan to keep abreast of the developments in the war-hit country and assure Kabul of its support but the ground situation is questioning performance of the UNAMA. The Taliban and Haqqani Network leaders are still roaming in the neighboring country without any let or hindrance. They are not only attacking government and coalition forces but they also targeted the UN convoys and officials. The insurgents neither are ready to join the Afghan-owned peace process nor showed willingness to cease attacks on the humanitarian and landmines clearance teams. Civilians, including women and children, are maimed and killed every day in the terror attacks. The Taliban and other militant groups are not paying heed to the UN calls to cease attacks, especially on civilians. The requests and pledges of the UN carry no weight because it has no mechanism to implement what it says.

Therefore, to restore trust of Afghans, the UN should take practical steps to end the ongoing violence. The war will end if the UN Security Council imposes heavy sanctions on the insurgents and their sponsors. Strict action should be taken against countries that are supporting extremism and terrorism. It is duty of the UN to maintain peace and resolve the conflicts. Wars are never ended with mere statements but it needs resolve, plan and action.



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