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The folks with no morality

A shocking and most annoying news recently surfaced in media regarding training of women as suicide bombers. According to Deputy Chief of the Nuristan province council, Omer Farooq, scores of women in Gawhardesh area of Kamdesh district were being trained to carry out terrorist attacks. It is said that the Taliban insurgents are providing training to the widows of their comrades killed in fighting against security forces. The militants are now abusing widows of their killed colleagues. May be the trainers and killed militants were once good friends, but the reality is that they are now abusing their wives and preparing them to carry out suicide attacks.

Let’s not forget to mention that the Islamic State (aka Daesh) is also training women as bombers. However, they are worst and dreadful. Both factions are on the wrong track because killing of innocent people could not be justified in any way. A few days ago, police arrested a woman, her son and brother in Nangarhar province. The detained woman had links to Daesh. It is crystal clear that insurgents have become crueler than before. They mostly target civilian places in their subversive activities. They never hesitate in attacking areas where scores of innocent people live. Civilians are killed and wounded in scores. A large number of women and children were also killed by the IEDs. The landmines are planted by the insurgents.

After the death report of the Taliban long-time leader, Mullah Omar, it seems that they have become too feeble as now they train women to stand beside them in their irrational war that they are fighting for someone else. Those women who are currently busy in receiving terrorist training should not forget the Taliban’s brutalities against women when they were in power. They killed women, prevented them from going to educational institutes, even stopped them from going to markets to buy essential items. And now when the militant group has become weak, it has started abusing women. Through use of women they want to strengthen their wings which indicate that their backbone has already been broken.

But this time they have gone too far and unmasked their real face of brutality by providing training to women. Once the number of female terrorists increased it would be hard for the security officials to prevent them from carrying out suicide attacks. In Afghan culture, women enjoy immense respect. Thus, it will create a major problem for the security officials to spot women suicide bombers and terrorists. The government should come up to the fore with comprehensive security mechanism to deal with the problem of female terrorists. The government should grasp the opportunity in the quadrilateral meeting expecting to take place in Islamabad soon. This would be a great opportunity for the government to talk with Pakistan, China and the United States over the issue. Once they agreed to bring Taliban to the table of talks, the issue of women suicide bombers could be resolved. Afghans are pinning hope on the meeting. Everyone is looking forward to a tangible result. Failure of the meeting will prolong the war.


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