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The forgotten ally

The recent report of the Congressional Research Service about the supply of the US used combat aircrafts and other modern weapons to Pakistan has sparked concerns in Afghanistan as Kabul was expecting these weapons to overcome internal and external threats. According to the report, Islamabad would get 14 combat aircrafts, 59 military trainer jets, 374 armored personnel carriers, different types of bombs, air-to-air missiles and Enhanced Paveway laser-guided kits. Though, Afghan authorities have not commented on the decision, but they are upset. There is no delight in the decision for them and it would propel the Afghan-US relations in undesirable course. Seemingly, the decision negates the US officials’ statements about a reset in Afghan-US ties after the formation of the National Unity Government, because the supply of the weapons to another country rather than Afghanistan is disappointing, especially at a time when development of almost all sectors is stalled by growing insecurity.

Importantly, the decision has also sent a signal to the anti-Afghanistan elements that they would not be troubled much as Kabul is on its own to deal with them. Provision of the weapons could have boosted up the morale of the intrepid Afghan security forces to new heights, because there is a yawning vacuum that should be filled in the field of security. Supply of the used but modern weapons to Pakistan from Afghanistan cast doubts over the US policies on the war against terrorism, because Kabul needs these military hardwares more than any other country and is the most important non-NATO ally of Washington. These weapons could have helped a lot to strengthen the backbone of Afghan law enforcement agencies. Sincerity of the United States is beside the mark when Afghans are concerned over terrorism and capability building of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). Equipping and training of the ANSF are essential for Afghans, to see the better days again.

Hence, the Afghan government has to counter backstair influence of the neighboring countries and get from the US what it deserves. The Obama administration should be asked to supply the used weapons and other military gears to ANSF. Barack Obama and his minions should be approached to focus on Afghanistan’s security.

There is fuss in the United States about helping the Afghan government, but in reality Kabul is alone in the fight against terrorism and surrounded by several and severe challenges. Afghanistan is at the height of the war as the Taliban have launched its warm-season offensive and the Islamic State is tightening its noose in different parts of the country. Therefore, positive shift in the US policies towards Afghanistan is needed.

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