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The only solution to the Afghan problem

By Hafeez Hassanabadi-Apparently America had a big gratitude on Russia by removing its missile shield program from Eastern Europe, because from the beginning it has been opposing it. However, there are two main reasons behind it which are generally ignored; no one is willing to turn the debate towards it and both reasons are related to Afghan and Iraq wars. This was the main reason the America brought changes to its missile shield deployment program in Eastern Europe. The first reason is that the Americans are, at the same time, directly engaged in two colossal wars in two countries. These two wars have rendered the Americans into a difficult position along with its European allies. So in such circumstances, it has economically become difficult for them to continue this war further more. Secondly, quite contrary to the expectations, keeping in view the fact that they might suffer a disgraceful defeat, the Americans and the allies have all now focused all their attention towards that issue, so that they could attain a comprehensive solution to it. Our debate revolves around Afghanistan issue; therefore, we are going to analyze its different aspects and dimensions so that we could reach to a solvable result. It is our believe that there is only one solution to Afghan issue, that is, unless America and the world as well, do not think seriously that angle of the issue, then they will have to seek different solutions for  several issues.

A: Then what should be done with Pakistan, Which is fighting simultaneously for Taliban and its allies through state sponsored terrorism? Now the new statement by the US government says that it does not believe that nobody from Pakistanis leadership knew where the Al Qaeda leadership sanctuaries were located, besides this, previoustwo years’ experience show that whenever a big operation was started, either it ended up in a failed agreement, or terrorist leadership made the save escape masterly, despite the tall claims of Pakistani army that they have closed all escape routes.

B: What should be taken of the Pakistan internal problems, that even under a democratic government; corruption has broken all known records of previous governments by 400%. Who makes it sure that the money been given to it for the war on terror, would not be wasted like the previous ones?

C: What is the solution of different nationalities within Pakistani federation with which Baloch and Pashtun states were forcefully annexed as a political bribe by the then British empire to safeguard its future Interests? Not only Pakistan has failed to keep them, but also it has made every opportunity available for Taliban and Al Qaeda to grow in these areas. In Balochistan the Baloch areas are totally free of their affects, but how one can make it sure that the Baloch areas are not going to be affected by this cancer in future?

D: What should be the take of the world community about the involvement of Pakistan in Iranian atomic weapon programs, whereas it is most probable that Iran would allow IAEA experts to inspect its atomic installations, but tomorrow, who predicts that it would not make an excuse and ask the inspectors to leave the country?

E: The Iranian Islamic ideology, under which the Iranian government is established, is based on the philosophy of Ayatollah Khomeini who said that there were two big Satan in the world – America and Soviets Union the Iranian officials are still describing America as the biggest Satan, yet about the Russia, which inherited the soviets legacy, the Tehran regime has still not taken back its leader words about it. The main reason, why Iran is wedged with Russia is obvious because, it has now become necessary for it to seek a veto wielding power, which could help her out against Israelis and American pressure in time of need, and alleviate its difficulties.

F: It is now no more a secret that, wherever there is an insurgency in the name of Islam around the world, the fingerprints of Iranian funding and Pakistani technical supports are clearly visible. The problem, which has united the entire world against Islamic extremism, is deep rooted in Pakistan. It is fed and nourished by Iran and the Islamic extremist elements around the world. Now how this complex formation of ferocious forces can be unraveled and rendered ineffective, remains to be seen.

G: Both Pakistan and Iran are united not just because of Islamic ideology, but because of precious Baloch land, which has compelled them to be united. The unpredictable grim situation of Pakistan has worried Iran beyond its imagination, lest Balochistan should break away from Pakistan. If it happened so, then it would be utterly difficult for Iran to contain its own controlled Balochistan from breaking away! The same could be said about Pakistan comprehension. If a “successful” attack on Iran by America or Israel, or a rupture from internal pressure, would surely slash Iran into different independent nation states. It would further aggravate the situation in Pakistani controlled Balochistan. Therefore Pakistan would do everything to strengthen Iranian position.One may wonder why we are talking about Iran’s nuclear program and the relation between Pakistan and Iran, while the subject we are here dealing with, is about Afghan issue. It is very simple, because, I think, unless America and the NATO remained bogged into Afghan quagmire; they would not be able to exert considerable/appropriate pressure on Iran. Hillary Clinton is justifiably apprehensive of Iran speedy nuclear program, “world community has no time to allow Iran any unlimited grace time”.Therefore, it would be folly of the world community if it allowed conditions conducive for Iran to prevail for enhancing its nuclear program.The above mentioned problems are different from that of Afghanistan internal countless complexities. The unpopularity of Karzai government, widespread corruption, the existence of widen gulf between Pashtuns and other nationalities, the vacillation of American and NATO military in decision making, ethical dilapidation, the increasing power of Taliban, the financial bankruptcy of US and its allies, the reluctant of nations other than the allies to assume peace keeping task, and above all The lack of an alternative ideology to replace the all-powerful Islamic extremist ideology of Taliban in Afghanistan, (Because only an ideology can defeat an ideology, not the gun)Here the most worrying factor is that, apart from the Iran ‘s internal revulsion and its atomic program, the unpopularity of Karzai government and corruption in Afghanistan as will, all other existing problems are directly or indirectly related to Pakistan! It means Pakistan is the root cause of all those problems, which have complicated the Afghan war and created problems for US and its allies.In such circumstances there remains only two ways to proceed. Firstly, all the problems should be regarded separately, and be put into separate categories, and then the solution should be sorted out.  It is a time consuming and daunting task. Each problem must be thoroughly diagnosis and for each a new strategy should be chalked out. The second is that all attention should be focused on the main sources of the problem, which is Pakistan .But Before focusing all attentions on Pakistan, the question should be kept in mind why Pakistan is not serious in eliminating the Taliban and the Al Qaeda?, What is its weakness, which is urging it to create problems in Afghanistan, about Which, afghan president and US officials have often been heard that Pakistani secret agencies are involved in deteriorating the situation.It is our firms believe that unless the Americans and the entire world do not comprehend the minor fact, the solution of Afghanistan problems and forcing Pakistan to stop its involvement in it, remains an unattainable desire, and that minor fact is that Pakistan never wants a prosperous Afghanistan next to its door and pose an existential threat to it. In the prospect of a prosperous and developed Afghanistan, the Pashtuns (as they call themselves Afghani) would never want to remain with another country.

In this scenario, secondly, the Baloch would never relent, unless their identity is threatened. If the independent and democratic Afghanistan allowed Baloch( the Baloch who are living on their own land within Afghan federacy) to enjoy all democratic and human Rights within its federation, then on the other side of the border in Pakistani controlled Balochistan, the desire of Baloch people for independent Balochistan would stirred up, which is already intriguingly fascinating. One needs to have an exclusive look on it. It is a nightmarish scenario for Pakistan .Therefore, for Pakistan unless Afghanistan remained ruined, the Durand line would remain a silent issue. The day the Durand line issue raised and Baloch leadership and Afghan government successfully presented their point of view about it before the world community, Pakistan will have to eat the humble pie in abdicating its Afghan areas to Afghanistan and accepting Balochistan as an independent sovereign state.Iran is also in the same boat where it is in accomplice with Pakistan in committing the genocide of Baloch nation and other nationalities within its sphere. By the virtue of the same Durand line, a large chunk of Baloch land is in its possession where Baloch are almost all excluded and kept in slavery. Keeping in view the current situation, Pakistan would not relent in foiling all those schemes and efforts made to stabilize Afghanistan, unless the world community grantees it that the Pashtuns would never, in any form, make any demand of conjoining their ancestral main home land Afghanistan.And the second grantee is that the Baloch would not make any demand of liberation from Iran and Pakistan .But no country in the world could meet such demands particularly in circumstances, when world have ceased in trusting Pakistan anymore! Neither one can trust its politics nor does anybody trust its economy. Therefore it’s seeking the defeat of America and its allies in Afghanistan forever through its foxy war by using the jihadist Taliban. Unfortunately it is not hard to conceive that Pakistan, to a great extent, has succeeded in its design. America and its allies would not be able to continue their presence any more within two and half years. So far as the question of termination of Taliban and Al Qaeda is concern, by the virtue of Pakistani operation (the Talban would masterly leave the place where the operation is carried out and thousands of people become homeless as result of bombardments) which, in terms of results, could be quoted as a worst form of scheming. Now in such conditions, anyhow, what should be done to remove the permanent Baloch and Pashtuns sword hanging over Pakistani head so that it could play an affective and positive role in the war against terror?

There are only two ways of resolving this question; others are temporary and ineffective.1- To bring Pakistan to the level of any developed nations in Europe, where everyone has a social welfare grantee  and do not feel insecure, not restricted on crossing borders, neither it faces any restrictions on having business, nor  faces any threat to their culture, language and  civic social life.

Even, despite of the presence of all these grantees, one shouldn’t remotely think the possibility that the Pashtuns will ever abdicate their desires of leaving together. And nor do the Baloch would abandon the demand of an independent homeland. 2- Under the vicious policy of “divide and rule” the British Empire gifted the lands of different nations to Iran and Pakistan, as if they were their ancestral properties.

Now it is imperative upon the British government to rectify the above mentioned historical blunders, returning back their lands to them. These nationalities should be allowed to live together according to their past history. So that in case of utter desperation from Balochistan, Pakistan and Iran would not be able to interfere in Afghanistan. Or they should be rendered so weaken to an extent where they would not be able to pose anything danger to Afghanistan stability. So far as the development of Pakistan is concerned, it is a far off cry, all rulers, from the first prime minister till the incumbent president, no one ever tried to be self- reliant. Even in good times the hand with begging bowl has not been so stretched as it istoday. The history of democracy in Pakistan has never been so radiant. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was regarded as the biggest democrat, has committed the worst form of undemocratic sin in the history of democracy in the world. It was he who declared the majority of Bengalese as traitors and forced them to depart their whys. The rationale behind it was to get rid of them forever. As they were in majority, if not allowed today, they would come again tomorrow in majority and claim the power be transferred to them. The judiciary in this country has also never been a trusted one. 62 years history of this county shows that the judiciary has always been a congenital slave of militaryrulers. In the name of democracy, the democratic institutions and dictators have, and sometimes together, cold bloodedly murdered the democracy in this country. Instead of establishing equality among the different nationalities, a relation of slave and master was molded to run this country. All known social ills, like lawlessness, bribery, nepotism, bankruptcy, and corruptions are largely allowed to prevail and expand, and the judiciary has become a spectator.

Thecenter of our debate isn’t Pakistan judiciary, so therefore let us put it in a nutshell, if a man cuts a man hand, he will be punished for it. But those who cut off one of Pakistan’s arms (Bangladesh)would get scot free. No one even dared to expose the secrets, let alone punishing them. (The military operation in Balochistan, genocide of Baloch people, the apathy of judiciary towards it and the disappointment of people to the judiciary is not included in the debate)It is the bad luck of this county that all its governmental institutions are in a worst form of anarchy. Police fed up with military, military fed up with police and judiciary. The conditions of civil institutions are worst of all. The worst conditions of governmental institutions have reached to the extent, that the ruling party has no trusts in its law enforcing agencies and security institutions to arrest the killers of their leader, then how a common man would expect justice in this country for their problems. This is the weakness under which things are getting out of their control. Just to end a crisis; they have to create a new fabricated one. Then it becomes a real one with the passage of times.

A country, where its government is unable to bring under control the prices of flour, cooking oil  and especiallythe sugar mafia  for the past 20 months -not armed with weapons- so how on earth one can expects that it would fight the terrorism, smugglers, and the Islamic extremists?Those who rendered this country in such conditions are still holding the power of everything, though in different names and different forms. Now expecting from such people that they would clear all these mess is an utter stupidity, it is as if to ask someone “take this rope and hang yourself”.

Here the thing which proven fatal most of all is the state structure which is established on the bases of deception of all nationalities and they have been pushed in a dark alley to hands them off everything.

62 years were wasted in rendering the ideologies of G.M Sayad, Pacha Khan and Sardar Khair Baksh Marri ineffective. In the opposition of the above mentioned empty handed leaders, despite of having the facility of billions of dollars and ample opportunities, This country is still bogged in a quagmire where there is no way to pull itself out of its predicaments.

A country for which the survival of its very being is question number one, how much time it requires to come on par with Swiss lands and Sweden?. Talking about it is just a waste of your time. In our opinion, neither the world has such an amount of money nor does it has the time to pull Pakistan out of its predicaments and put it on the path of development besides fighting the war on terror. And similarly Pakistani rulers seem to have no wishes to see their country prosperous and happy.

Under current circumstances, Pakistan, because of misdeeds of its rulers, seems to be a car which is taken to a garage after the impact of a bad accident where it receive the suggestion, that it is better to put this structure in a scrap shop and sell its parts one by one. Because the problem is that not only this car is beyond of repair, but also it is full of explosives. One has to clear its explosives first, before it goes for any use.

What should be done? Before answering this simple question, a minor point is necessary to be explained here. Why we are not paying attention to the solution of Afghan problem internally by holding new elections, establishing a temporary government, deploying the forces of Islamic countries, decreasing or increasing the American forces or withdrawing them, holding talks with Taliban and buying the local warlords etc.; with several other such schemes. But instead, we are suggesting the solution of Afghanistan’s internal problems should be sought externally. I believe that considering the above mentioned all schemes or considering them practicable is just a self-deception; Because, these are the options which are in use from the beginning of Afghan wars till today, by using different names, different forces and different levels. It all resulted in wastage of time. And the second thing is that, if all these options are acted upon, then the defeat of allied forces is writing on the wall. And this is what Pakistan government wants. Pakistanis are still in an illusion and hoping that if the America decreased its pressure on it or withdraws itself from the area, then they would struck a deal with Talban like in past times, this make them able to move the war again into Afghanistan. And Pakistani rulers as usual, in the name of afghan war and war on terrorism will continue to blackmail the world community, because they have now adopted this dirty game as a source of income. But they have not the slightest idea Pakistan is internally a ruins and its vital internal organs are bleeding. They not only lack the required ability to push it into Afghanistan but now this war has become so heavy that they even cannot slightly move it. Here goes the saying of old wisdom “what you sow, so shall you reap”. Certainly our suggestions about Afghanistan solutions would enrage Pakistani rulers, because they still believe that by maintaining the current political status-quo they could bring serenity to it. But the realty suggests otherwise, now the condition of a worst form of a civil war in this country is looming over its head like dark clouds. While as an atomic county, its civil war would cause the region for a long time of sleepless nights. On the other hand the Russians, Indians and the Israelis would be the first who would feel the devastating effects of this civil war. In the event of America and its allies defeat, the morale of the Talban would touch the zenith. It would be the stupidity of the world community if it ignored the slogans of Islamic caliphate. The theocratic ideology, under which they expel/defeat America, would compel them to expand beyond the region, so that the thousands of Talban and Al Qaeda warriors (we don’t regard them as two separate identities) would not set idle and create problem there.In the event of defeat of democratic and secular forces, Islamic extremism would be the only concept which encourages them to forge ahead. They would start thinking that they had defeated Russia and then America and NATO, so why not give a try to establish Islamic Sharia in close-by Islamic countries. Relative to the Central Asian countries, the less developed countries would be the first victims of their onslaught, and then in the same way the Russia and Europe, and on the other side Kashmir, and from several other ways India as well. Thirdly, from the inferno of Iran, they would try to put Israel into flames. Pro Pakistan elements in Talban and other common student leaders would not allow India and Russia to increase their sphere of influences by creating chaos in these countries, in the wake of American departure. Pakistan would support their policy, just because it also helps Pakistan to save itself from Russians and Indians influences. And it also provides an opportunity to Pakistan to crush the pro independent forces there. America, because of its wounds of the defeat, would not be able to show any immediate reaction. But so far experience has proven that all Pakistani modus operandi of scheming the things and calculations are doomed. Pakistan would not be able to calm down its internal anarchy, by spreading terror in Israel, India and Russia, despite keeping them away from itself.

Therefore world should be waiting for another Burundi and Somalia in the shape of Pakistan with a permanent power, which could be the main reason of a war between Islam and Christianity, Jews and non-believers. In this scenario, it is a rare opportunity for the world powers, including America to save the world from the disaster of this country’s messes, and Pakistan itself, to rectify that historical blunder where Baloch, Sindhis and Pashtuns regard themselves enslaved. Only the complete declaration of freedom of all these nations would save Pakistan and the world as well from disastrous consequences. The relative peace that followed after the demise of Soviet Union, and the balkanization of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, is the proven fact that when the relations become strained, should be severed. Pakistan and Iran would be disheartened from their interest of weakening Afghanistan, if only the freedom of these nations returned back to them. The cooperation between Pakistan and Iran which has put the entire world in a strained situation, would receive an end. The connections of Islamic and Talban terrorism tendency would be severed and isolated, thereby it helps to rehabilitate them in a civic society.

The danger of Pakistani nuclear arsenals falling into wrong hands could be circumvented. Because when all its nationalities get their freedom, the only Punjab would not need the atomic bomb anymore. And its historical enmity with India would come to an end. The Kashmir issue would receive the entire world attention and it would be resolved amicably and peacefully. Corruption in Pakistan would not pose any danger to a world community. Iran would be compelled to show flexibility to world community when the alliance between Pakistan and Iran is broken. There too it paves the way for all nationalities to regain their freedom and their basic human rights would be restored.

The best advantage is that after the establishment of a common Afghan (the inclusion of PakistaniPashtuns into Afghanistan) government, post- Pakistan Pashtuns would have the ability to do their level best to control the extremist policy of Talban. Today all the Pashtunshave been pitted against each other by Pakistan. But tomorrow, if allowed, in the event of their togetherness, they would use their best capacity to establish an excellent democratic government. A Soviet Union gave birth to 15 different states. None of them shouted foul to each other and now they’re all enjoying their freedom and trying to establish good relationship among themselves. A one of few may have a strained relationship, but it doesn’t mean that their existence is in danger. Or that their differences have any effect on the world peace. In our humble opinion, the day when the world powers and America identified the root cause of all evils and perceived that it is laying in the niche of unnatural division of nations and in the decision of the then British Empire, they would start seeing the problem from a different point of angle. It would help them resolve this issue, and this emancipates them from the fear of a possible war of Islam and none-believers.Otherwise, today the terrorists who sneak into Europe and carry out terror, but tomorrow they would enter into Europe with diplomatic passports and wreak havoc there.

Translated by Archen Baloch.

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