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The stranded quake-victims and the Taliban

The winter is already in. The government is engrossed in battling the Taliban in Warduj district of the Taliban-infested Badakhshan province. The quake-victim people in this Badakhshan, in desperate need of aid, are at risk of being ignored. The government is looked lost—as it doesn’t have the capacity to battle the militants and the post-quake disasters at a time. Resultantly, the worries of Badakhshanis are multiplying with each passing day. Badakhshan usually remains cut off from the rest of the country during the winter season and the people come across a hill of troubles. Given the damages unleashed by the last month earthquake, their troubles are multiplied. Many of the parts of this north-east province are inaccessible in the winter, and given the increase in the number of militants and their terror activities, the quake-affectees will remain an isolate community. They are waiting for food and shelters. They need wearing garments. They need blankets. They need burning woods. The security forces are mulling a decisive offensive in Warduj district, not from away from the Juram district—the quake’s epicenter, against the Taliban, nevertheless the government must not ignore the quake-victims. The government failed in generating the wave of sympathy, funds by mobilizing media, and grabbing the attention of the international community. As a result, many quake-victim families are prone to the cruelties of the harsher winter season. A few non government organizations attempted on their own to reach to the quake-devastated Badakhshan, but the aid delivered to the people is just a drop in the mouth of a camel. If there were no humanitarian aid agencies, what would have been the image of the government in the eyes of the general public? It is the NGO sector that’s doing a job of face-saving to the government. Even before the earthquake, the general publics’ confidence had started diminishing in the government. The factors responsible for this diminishing confidence are the plaguing insecurity and joblessness. Moreover, when the Taliban are a cause of trouble and impediment in relief activities, then they must protect the troubled people over there and provide them with shelters and foods. Will they ever do such an incredible and sacred job? Oh, sorry, they know only one thing—spilling the bloodshed of Afghans. Then why they will do such a good job when the people of Afghanistan hate them. They always complain that people don’t like them. Why the people will like them? Hadn’t they gone insane? They must at least start trailing and interacting with those families who have lost their only breadwinners in the Taliban’s suicide attacks that what they think about the Taliban. They will get their answer. But the height of their shamelessness is that they are feeling in their very bones that why they the general public hate them, yet despite that they don’t hesitate in thumping their chests to be the true of representatives of the people of Afghanistan. If they cannot provide aid and relief to the quake-victims at least they must cease the fire for a while in the quake-affected areas.

Besides the quake-victims in Badakhshan, there are too many vulnerable to natural disasters in Bamyan and Ghor provinces, who demanded of the government on Friday to provide them the required food items and winter aid. The government must also come into movement instead of just looking to humanitarian agencies.

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