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This is not going to win militarily

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KABUL: The Afghan security forces have bravely fought the Taliban insurgents for the past 18 years, and have made tremendous achievements in the battlefield. But the war is yet to over. It brought nothing but more devastation to the Afghan masses. To find a political settlement to the Afghan conflict, the US has started peace talks with the Taliban and the Afghan political leaders have welcomed and supported the initiative. Only get together and dialogues can help bring peace because military means failed to defeat the Taliban. The international community also believes that military use is no longer workable. But President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday warned the Taliban they would face same fate as Daesh militant group, which he said, was obliterated in its eastern stronghold Nangarhar province. “You would only encourage people to deal with you the same you as they did with Daesh,” President Ghani said at concluding ceremony of the First Women Peace and Security Conference in defense ministry. His comments come when his government is reportedly working on a list of delegates to attend intra-Afghan dialogue conference in Beijing. However, Abdul Salaam Zaeef, a former Taliban official told Ariana News, that Taliban has showed their opposition after President Ghani has removed names of specific figures from the list of participants. “There are possibilities that this meeting will be cancelled, because as far as I know, the Taliban has not accepted the list provided by the government. I think the government is trying to introduce its favorite people,” Zaeef said. The Afghan government should accelerate all out efforts to find a logical end to the war, which is possible through negotiations only as the Afghan war is not going to be won militarily.

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