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Thousands of displaced in dire straits in Jawzjan

KABUL: Thousands of displaced families due to conflict in northern Afghanistan are struggling for their lives amid extremely harsh weather conditions in Sheberghan city.

A few of the families were allocated in schools by a commission in Sheberghan city but the rest of them are living in the tents struggling to live.

A 65 years old woman Noor Gul, moved to Sheberghan from Qush Tapa district of Jawzjan, is currently living in the city of Sheberghan.

“We are 12 persons in the family. We are all living under a tent, it drips, at the first day we settle here, was stormy, we have struggled a lot. Today, it has been raining for 24 hours, the tents got wet, and we even don’t have food to eat,” she said.

A tribal elder Abdul Majeed said that war has badly affected a lot of formers and so poor people and farmers displaced from their homes.

“However the mayor has donated foods to the displaced families it is still not enough, the government should pay more attention,” he said.

According to officials 12 thousands families has been displaced after 2018 and only 4500 received donation from government and international organizations.

“We have donated aids for nearly 4500 people, but it is still not helpful, we hope for more donations, because the number of displace people are increasing,” said head of the Jawzjan refugee department, Abdul Malik Rostami.

Meanwhile, Jawzjan provincial council has asked the government to pay attention to the displaced families in Sheberghan.

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