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Thousands of refugees returned from Iran last month


Kabul: Local sources in Nimroz province announced that 34 thousand refugees were returned to Afghanistan from Iran in the past month.

It is said that these returned migrants entered Afghanistan from Milk border.

Sediqullah Nusrat, the head of Afghanistan’s immigration department at Nimroz province, announced that 34 thousand 188 Afghan immigrants entered the country through the Malik border of Iran in October this year.

He added that some of these immigrants were introduced to the United Nations for help.

Iran has announced that in order to legalize the presence of immigrants in this country, it has considered measures such as issuing visas for immigrants.

The Iranian Embassy in Kabul recently announced that the issuance of tourist visas of this country has been entrusted to Afghanistan’s travel agencies.

Following the political developments in Afghanistan and despite the Taliban’s insistence on granting amnesty, some Afghan citizens migrated to neighboring countries including Iran and Pakistan.

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