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‘Through unity we can fight all odds’

AT-KABUL: The Provincial Governor of Nangarhar province, Muhammad Gulab Mangal had expressed deep concerns over the recent waves of terrorist attack in Kabul and other parts of the country.

In a statement send to Afghanistan Times Daily, the governor extended his condolence and sympathies to the affected families of Kabul blast and suicide attacks on funeral prayers. “The recent wave of terrorism was the greatest blow to peace, democracy, humanity, reconciliation and all religious values, which took the precious lives of innocent Afghans,” he was quoted in the statement, as saying. He believes that through unity the Afghan masses can fight against all odds.

According to him, the recent back to back barbaric attacks was against the sovereignty of Afghanistan in order to create hurdles for the upcoming Kabul-led international conference on peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan, which likely to be held on 6-June.

He furthered, the enemies of Afghanistan have geared up terrorist activities in the country, aimed at undermining the US-led NATO mission in the region.

He claimed that the enemies of Afghanistan, and the terror sponsor states were nervous over Kabul-led international conference, which was a meaningful forum to expose the terror sponsor states, terrorist groups and their sources of fund raising, including the safe havens the militants enjoying in the hostile neighborhood of Afghanistan.

He further went on saying that Afghans have lost their patience and tolerance for such type of heinous and deadly terrorist attacks at the future. He added that time has arrived to strengthen national unity and put weight behind the National Unity Government in a bid to stand like collectively force against the terrorist outfits and national enemies of Afghanistan.

He termed the role of youth as a key to peace and development in the country. “All the youths and civil societies have to play a role of peace messengers for the sake of harmony in the country.”

He called on all the political parties, youth and civil societies’ organizations to join hand for peace, national stability, and unity to respond against conspiracies and aggression, posing by the enemies of Afghanistan.

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