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“Time to end deceitful homilies of peace”

AT-KABUL: A number of members of the Parliament argue that the government had failed in the peace process, saying that the people can no longer bear these deceitful homilies.

Parliamentarians believe that the government has no control over the peace dialogue, because of which people’s trust on government’s ability is fading steadily.

MP Shekiba Hashemi during the parliament’s Wednesday session extoled Washington’s inclination for negotiations with the Taliban and insisted that the Afghan government should too clarify its position on the matter.

“We welcome the decision of Trump administration; but it is our impression that the incumbent government has neither authority nor capacity to steer peace process. And the people no longer can bear the brunt of violence and want peace with the Taliban termination of war,” she opined.

Three days back, the New York Times reported that President Donald Trump had ordered his diplomats to seek direct talks with the Taliban. Although the government is sanguine about this breakthrough, lawmakers are casting doubts about it.

Expectations and hopes over peace process have heightened ever since a bilateral three-day cease-fire was honored between the government and the Taliban. Afterwards, Pakistani media reported that official talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government would start in an undisclosed location.

A gathering of Muslim world clerics with participation of scholars from 57 Islamic countries was also held in Saudi Arabia, which the Taliban rejected and called a theatrical endeavor.

“We have no objection to the fact that the U.S. is seeking talks with the Taliban; but we cannot tolerate lies that peace will be achieved one day. We have lost hope and expectation over this process,” said MP Mahdi Jafari.

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