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Time to fight terror jointly

They killed foreigners. They were civilians. And they were our guests. Unlike Osama bin Laden, they didn’t make any security threat to any foreign country. Therefore, they didn’t bring any troubles to this land. Unlike Osama bin Laden, they didn’t attack any foreign city from Afghan soil and causing worldwide anger. They also killed locals. They carried out suicide bombings, killing civilians, and thinking they are doing a great job, service to this nation, and service to the God. They must know about when someone leaves behind bereaved families, kids and particularly when there is no male breadwinner when someone is killed in their senseless terror attacks. In such an attack a journalist Sardar Ahmad was killed in a hotel along with his wife and two children while leaving a toddler behind. Killing guests is not only against humanity, but also Afghan culture, tradition and hospitality. Moreover, when the Taliban have increased their attacks under their Spring Offensive, peace dialogues don’t make any sense as the war and peace talks cannot go side by side simultaneously. The religion, the Taliban claim to be adherents of, stress on honesty, integrity, respect to human beings, while these are the values which should be the hallmark of our society. However, they have been thrown under the bus by these bloodthirsty Taliban. Here the government talks of peace talks. Here the government talks of augmenting its relations with its neighbors, and there is a breed called “Taliban” that wants to destroy every sign of improvement. At least why? Who are their enemies? And who are they fighting against? The poor, armless and defenseless civilians and foreigners? According to the official details regarding the Taliban attack on a guesthouse in Kabul’s Kolola Pushta, an area that includes a number of guesthouses, 14 people have been killed including nine foreigners. The area has been cordoned off immediately after the attack. The Taliban took responsibility for the attack. Three, of those killed in the attack, are women. Four were Indians and two were Pakistanis. Besides that seven others were injured. Here, global leaders, regional leaders and national leaders all are blameworthy. And the reason is that they issue statements at every terror act and say they will fight this common enemy collectively, but on the ground quite the otherwise is happening where one country is seen supporting terrorism against another one. If these political leaders really want to get away with this monstrous and deadliest challenges, as never before, it is quite essential to unite forces of the entire international community against terror. And this is where the problem is at getting them all on one platform and united is the world’s most difficult job. Let alone all the leaders and forces of the international community to be united against the elements of terror, even we cannot see leaders and forces in the region united against this deadly challenge. Since Indians, Afghans, and Pakistanis are killed in this terror attack on Wednesday, this screamingly is calling on the three nations to bury their hatchet and stand united against this monster. But unfortunately, this is a long cherished dream, perhaps a mirage, particularly given the nature of the politics in the region.

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