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Time for UN to eliminate state sponsored terrorism: Saikal

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Referring to Pakistan, Mahmoud Saikal—Afghanistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations on Thursday urged the United Nations Security Council to device tougher measures against state sponsored terrorism and terror sponsor state

Highlighting the terrorist activities and regional state sponsorship of terrorist groups against Afghanistan, Saikal, emphasized on a comprehensive debate over the states sponsoring terrorism for its notorious goals.

“In light of increased terrorist activities around the world, the time has come that we openly debate the regional state sponsorship of terror outfits exported to our country and let the world know more of its behavior,” Saikal said.

Saikal said international forums, including the United Nations were never opened to comprehensive discussion for required debate on state-sponsored terrorism, he lodged a complaint.

Beyond the intelligence networks, the rest of the world knows little about the behavior of this aspect of terrorism at national, regional and international levels, he added.

“The regional state sponsors of terror outfits exported to our country have recently pursued new methods of denial and belligerence by playing reverse psychology and attempting to distort narratives,” Saikal noted.

Sail said the international community has not yet addressed Afghan perspective in global campaign against counter-terrorism and the ongoing narratives on state sponsored terrorism have been failed, he emphasized on debate over state sponsor terrorism and changes in policies to held accountable terror sponsor states.

Saikal said for exploitation of democratic political dynamics of Afghanistan, they made attempts of seeding divisions among Afghans, victimized refugees by unfairly linking them to terrorist activities, and portray their orchestrated terror attacks as “civil war.”

“According to the latest UN report, Afghanistan has suffered more than 10,000 civilian casualties yearly, over the past four years, mainly caused by terrorist attacks plotted beyond its frontiers, he said.

“In desperation they don’t even hold back from such heavily risk-prone attempts as to abuse and manipulate ironclad and all-weather friendships in international relations in favor of concealing the evidence of their sponsorship of terrorism, obfuscating facts and distorting narratives at regional and global forums,” Saikal said.

The Kabul Process has provided us with an opportunity to end the conflict and establish peace and stability in Afghanistan and around the region.

“Moreover, the Taliban should not be permitted to misuse the opportunity presented as they have done so in the past,” Saikal said.

India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Syed Akbaruddin said that despite the international community efforts, those supporting the terrorists affecting Afghanistan have not been deterred.

“There are still those who provide sanctuaries to support the dark agendas of terrorist organizations like the Taliban, Haqqani Network, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, LeT and JeM.  Indeed the challenges posed by cross border terrorism emanating from safe havens and sanctuaries to Afghanistan and to our region must be addressed,” he said.


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