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To ease tension NUG leaders meet for third time

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abdullah Abdullah met for the third time on (Sunday) evening at the Presidential Palace, possibly reached an agreement to resolve tensions, CEO press office said in a statement.

This is the third meeting of leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) after chief executive’s remark over failure of the government. During meeting both the elders agreed on bringing reform in electoral bodies, distribution of electronic identity cards, amendment of Constitution and appointment of members of the committee on oversight and political agreement, the statement added.These reforms will be officially declared during upcoming week, mentioned the statement.

Reportedly, rifts has been increased between the two leaders of the NUG after Abdullah said that Ghani was unfit for the presidency. The Presidential Palace shortly slammed Abdullah Abdullah for his remarks against President Ghani.

Expressing his grievances over the non-implementation of the NUG deal in the two years in a gathering, Abdullah said that on different occasions he tolerated the president’s reluctance over national issues, but now his patience has reached at the boiling point. He said that leaders in every country have conflicting arguments, but if someone doesn’t have patience for discussion, then he is unfit for the presidency.

Presidential Palace in reaction to CEO remarks in a statement said that taking into account the sensitive situation of the country, it requires political elites, government officials, seasoned scholars, tribal elders and the people of Afghanistan to continue join efforts to overcome all challenges.

“With regrets, Dr. Abdullah’s speech the other day was not in accordance with the principles and spirit of governance, because governance is based on the principles and criteria to implement the law,” the statement said.

Both President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah had no good relation since start of electoral campaigns, but tensions reached at high level between these two electoral front liners, which blamed each other to fraud in election.  After a long deadlock both candidates president Ghani and CEO Abdullah by US broker agreed to establish National Unity Government. Although people believed that National Unity Government will be a weak government as well as tension won’t be ended between these two teams. Many time people were witness of grievance from both teams through media against each other in the past years, but recently the tension flame become more and directly leaders criticized each other in front of media or through statements.

As rifts increased day by day between president and CEO, number of experts has called running of traditional Loya Jirga only the remedy to address current crises in the country.

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