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To end challenges: Paktia elders back Loya Jirga call

AT News Report-KABUL: To purge the current challenges, including security deterioration, the tribal elders and other provincial officials of eastern Paktia province in a big gathering, backed voices for holding traditional Loya Jirga. They see Jirga has only remedy left to overcome challenges, KabulNews reported.

The tribal elders and members of the Provincial Council told the gathering that situation in the country is getting worse with passing each days, thus the leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG) must convene Loya Jirga to discuss and find solution to it.

“Current crisis that takes the lives of innocent Afghan masses can be resolved through talks,” the elders said, adding “at the same time efforts for peace must be intensified.”

Bacha Khan Zadran, one of tribal elders, said “the country’s problem cannot be solved without holding the Loya Jirga.”  Another tribal elders in the gathering also putted weight behind Zadran’s remark, saying Loya Jirga is only remedy to triumph over crisis.

It is worth mentioning that in these days’ major gatherings held by tribal elders in different provinces in favor of holding Loya Jira, aimed at getting out from current crisis.

Moreover, former President, Hamid Karzai also termed Loya Jirga as a best option for the NUG to crack current challenges. Karzai believes that Loya Jirga is a great national platform, in which Afghans from different parts of the country can discuses current challenges and new US strategy in a bid to find solution.

Moreover, a large number of lawmakers in parliament, Senators, and experts backed voices of Loya Jirga with core aim of resolving current challenges.


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