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“To end conflict, Afghans need a solution beyond reconciliation with a single extremist faction”

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Political pundits believe that Afghanistan is in dire need of a wiser and more comprehensive solution to unlock the lingering conflict and to end the grilling war, rather than merely getting reconciled with a single extremist faction – the Taliban.

Political analysts who participated at the periodical session of the Rana Think Thank contended that peace has remained an unattainable dream for Afghans in the face of prolonged wars.

Pointing out to the dragging peace process and the deterrence to it, analysts asserted that the war which is bedeviling the country now is an “imposed and proxy war”, whose victims are only Afghan people – women and children.

Referring to an inexhaustible effort by the government and its Western allies for peace, participants insisted that Afghanistan needsa genuine peace process, which cannot be ensured by reconciliation of a signal terrorist group.

“Afghan people crave for a peace which ensures a way out of the turmoil,” said Political Expert Jailani Zwak. “The U.S. peace envoy Zalmay Khalizad believes that restoration of peace is to minimize all threats against the U.S. from this topography; but for an Afghan, real peace is that which relieves parents from tension about their children and their family members, and which ensures children could go to school, people could go to work, could shop without any threats.”

He said that the main point is that Afghan should not be victimized of dealing between USA and Pakistan.

He stated that If Afghan government reaches to a peace agreement whether Afghan people really have security or no?

Daesh is one of another major group behind subversive and terrorist activities across the country, he added.

So when Taliban agree to peace, then what will happened with Daesh, this is another big question for Afghans, thus we think Afghan people need to a comprehensive solution for war and long lasting peace, not only joining of groups to the process, he mentioned.

He said that US troops have came to Afghanistan to fight terrorist, so does it reached to goal or was beaten in this war?

Pointing to resistances in the region, he said that Russia after heaving bombing defeated Daesh in Syria, will this happened in Afghanistan as well or no.

According to some views USA has came to Afghanistan to make weak its rival in the region and this issue will cause lasting of insecurity in Afghanistan, he asserted.

He highlighted that joining of Taliban to Peace process won’t lead to durable peace and end of war in Afghanistan, because there’s some other groups particularly Daesh.

If Daesh issue not seriously solved solely Daesh will also change to a big challenge like Taliban for Afghanistan, he noted.

Political Danish Bakhtyari said that US envoy Khalilzad is more loyal to his own mission and task have submitted to him by USA than the issues of Afghanistan.

He said that Afghan people were victims of a foreigner plots, war is also foreigners’ war and peace is also foreigners’ peace.

Political Expert Dr.Gul Rahim Safi said that peace in reality means end of war, but in Afghanistan peace process changed to a project.

He stated that currently peace in Afghanistan is a deal between Pakistan and USA, so if USA willing peace will come to the country.

Professor Jamdar while voicing deepest concern over rump up insecurity and peace challenges, he said that whether this war is between Taliban and USA or between the Taliban and the government supporting by USA.

Number of other participants of the Rana Think Thank session beloved that Afghan people must united against all challenges and forces all parties including USA to work comprehensively for ending of war in Afghanistan.

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