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To our leaders: Talk of cures not the ills

Late Ahmad Shah Massoud’s 14th death anniversary was marked Wednesday. Almost all the key political leaders and elders expressed their views on this day. The takeaways of this day were that Pakistan wants a weaker Afghanistan and a puppet government. We don’t have any decision-making institution.  The brain-drain is a serious matter, and youths must use their energies for development of their homeland. Our enemies are out to keep us without a system. To see different leaders with different political backgrounds together while addressing the nation and thinking about the security, development and change of the nation, of course, is a welcoming sign. Nevertheless, solutions to our problems were missing in their views as they pointed out just the ills not the cures. Across the country, there is hardly a person, who doesn’t know that who is behind the miseries and troubles of Afghanistan, therefore, now we must move beyond this point—telling the people that who is responsible for our troubles. Now is the time to translate our words into actions. Now is the time to mobilize the nation to stand united. And now is the time the government takes a stronger standpoint instead of just pointing out problems. Former jiahdi leader, Abdul Rab Rasoul Sayyaf on Wednesday while addressing the Martyrs Week and the Massoud’s death anniversary, called for jihad against the Taliban. Seemingly he stole the show by suggesting the cures. But again the problem is who will bell the cat? Our elected leaders and the ex-jihadi leaders must not represent the Mice in the Council. Sayyaf, once again termed the Taliban’s war totally against Islam. As Afghanistan is a war-ravaged country, it needs unity among all the ethnic groups against the common enemy—terrorism and the terror embodiments—the Taliban. We also need to be prepared and united against a new terror embedment—Daesh, that’s making inroads in our society. While Daesh is on the spread some of the security officials and political leaders still deny there is anything like Daesh in Afghanistan. This ostrich policy is not working anymore. They must not hurl dust into the eyes of the public and make them believe that everything is okay. Sayyaf while quoting Mullah Mansour Dadullah, a senior Taliban, said that he was ordered to go and kill Afghanistan’s leaders. Dadullah said their commanders are appointed by Pakistan. Therefore, Sayyaf said do the Taliban want more clarity? Sayyaf also said that was Mullah Omar commanding from the grave? It clearly tells the Taliban that their command was in others’ hand. When they are alive it is Pakistan’s premier spy agency—ISI that appoints their commanders and when they are dead, it is the same agency that operates the Taliban movement and issues statements to media under the name of Mullah Omar and appoints Mullah Akhtar Mansour as his successor. Oddly enough even Mullah Omar’s son didn’t know his father was dead somewhere two years ago. When they didn’t know about the death of their leader, they were busy killing fathers, brothers and sons of innocent Afghans. When they learnt the son of and brother of Mullah Omar came to know about his death, all of sudden they became disgruntled.  The death news of Mullah Omar though dealt a blow to the Pakistan-brokered peace talks yet at the same time opened the eyes of the Taliban and made them feel they have been betrayed for years by ISI. Now those Taliban who feel they have been betrayed they have three options—the one is to surrender to Pakistan and keep abiding by its dictates. The second one is to run for life and join the ISIS. And the third option is to renounce violence, join the Kabul-led peace process and tell others Taliban not to be the henchmen of Pakistan anymore and not to explode your own people and infrastructure. Joining the ISIS (Daesh) is even more horrible and disastrous than remaining a part of the Taliban, therefore the disgruntled Taliban must not be allowed to join Daesh. The government must devise a strategy to bring them into the fold of the peace process. Reliance on Pakistan for peace talks must be reduced to a minimum level.

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