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Traders, drivers accuse Torkham custom officials of ‘extortion’

AT-KABUL: Some traders and truck drivers say that officials in the Torkham custom office take illegal money from them, and do not allow them transit their goods until they give illegal money.

Meanwhile, presidential office says that a delegation was dispatched to Nangarhar province to investigate corruption in the Torkham custom office.

Torkham is a border point with Pakistan from which most of imports-exports to Pakistan take place.

The traders and drivers said Tuesday that the delegation did nothing to prevent corruption. Hundreds of traders and truck drivers staged demonstrations to protest the corruption and illegal extortion.

They also claimed that police in the border point take money from them and make problems for their works if they refuse to give money.

The traders and truck drivers said that widespread corruption in the Torkham custom office had caused lull in their daily businesses.

They warned to continue demonstrations if their problems are not met.

Officials in Nangarhar province say they were investigating complaints over corruption in the custom office along with the government’s delegation.

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