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Traders’ safety in NUG note

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KABUL: The National Unity Government has given 3-month ultimate to the security sectors to clear Afghanistan from illegal armed groups and invidious who are posing great threat to safety of Afghan traders and common masses.

President Ashraf Ghani talked about illegal armed groups and people in a meeting with the Afghan traders in the United Arab Emirates. “I have ordered the ministries of defense and interior to speed up disarming process of the illegal armed individuals and the groups within three months.”

The president assured traders of securing their safety, saying “all security threats would be resolved.”

The assurance is in the wake of ongoing violence facing by the Afghan traders, where they already lodged complaints in regards to insecurity that blemished them from investing inside the country.

Investment outside of the country would continue unless the government pay attention to their problems, especially issues related to insecurity.

This comes as recently a six-year old daughter of a moneychanger had been kidnapped and later killed as her father failed to pay the ransom amount. The abduction sparked protest in Sura-e-Shahzad where moneyexchangers closed their business and took the streets to give vent to their anger over insecurity and abduction. The protestors blocked the market, asking execution for Mahsa’s murderer.

Meer Afghan Safi, Head of the moneyexchangers of Afghanistan said more than nine cashiers have been kidnapped and killed in the recent months.

On the other hand, the traders are in the same fate, where they forced to invest outside the country.

However, President Ghani encouraged the traders to take advantage of the opportunities and launch investment projects in Afghanistan, while doing enough to safeguard them.

A senior security official had earlier in condition of anonymity said over 1500 people have been detaeind in different criminal acts.

According to him, 20 out of those 1,500 offenders have been supported by influential government and nongovernment figures.

Furthermore, ministry of interior affairs recently revealed a list of suspects who are accused of robbing, kidnapping, and destructive activities in Kabul, the capital city.

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