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Traditional Loya Jirga is the only remedy to address current crisis: Karzai

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Ex-President Hamid Karzai on Thursday expressed deepest concerns over what he called “the current crisis” in the country, saying convention of Traditional Loya Jirga would be the only remedy to overcome challenges.

“We need to come together and sit in a traditional Loya Jirga to discuss issues going on in Afghanistan and seek outgoing ways,” Karzai addressed reporters in his fortified residence in the center of the capital.

He said that all people elders, political figures youth and women must attend to this Jirga in order to reach to peace and independency and show to the world our national unity.

“I have shared the recommendation of running traditional Loyar Jirga with President Ghani and Chief Executive officer of National Unity Government Dr. Abdullah and asked them to take step in the aspect.”

He also urged Taliban to join the traditional Loya Jirga and express view through the Jirga.

“Through war only Afghanistan and our houses will be destroyed, if you (Taliban) want to rescue from presence of foreigners it is possible through unity, thus Taliban should come and seek outing ways with people,” he added.

Currently only Afghan people are victims, so this war is not for the interest of Afghans, but for the interest of strangers, he said.

He said that I will continue efforts for running of traditional Loya Jirga in order to reach to the peace.

Criticizing new US strategy for Afghanistan, he said that unfortunately the new US strategy had no the massage for peace, but war and competition in the region.

We want Afghanistan by the cooperation center or point not the competition point between powers, he asserted.

Mr. Karzai elaborated that Afghans want peaceful life and with the neighbors have “good relations” with Afghanistan’s major world allies.

He stated that we want live in peace and stability and in peace with neighbors and region, not to life in constant war and rivalries with neighbors and regional countries.

For unity of our people and to reach peace and stability we must skip this rivalry of the world, he mentioned.

Former president said that “We can make the decision that can bring peace” “we don’t want to be under foot in rivalry of US and regional power.”

He said that we want a good relation and friendship with USA, Neighboring and world countries.

Afghanistan in relation with USA won’t be against other neighboring and world big countries, he insisted.

Pointing to Bilateral Security Agreement signed between National Unity Government and USA, he said that I had precondition such as peace in Afghanistan for signing of this pact.

He said that BSA signed, but still we don’t have peace in the country, even new terrorist groups has found path in Afghanistan.

After singing of BSA every hook and corny become insecure in Afghanistan, he noted.

Coming up with an example, he said that often people from eastern provinces complained that a new group of terrorist named Daesh have came to Kunar and Nangarhar districts torched our houses, even the eastern residents claimed that they equipped very well by helicopters and have enough money.

He said that question is here that the air space is under control of US forces, so the helicopters are belonged to whom and how came to eastern part of Afghanistan to equip these new terrorist groups.

While condemning killing of innocent Afghans, Mr. Karzai said that all attacks in which Afghans are killing is a terrorist attack, whether it is by Taliban or by US forces or others.

The ex-president once again urged all Afghans to keep unity and don’t let strangers fuel the flame of discord among Afghans on their way to reach peace, stability and development.

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