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Transparency criteria breached in selection of election commissioners: TEFA

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Head of the Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) Naim Ayobzada on Wednesday said that breaching of criteria by selection committee and systemized selection of commissioners by the government is the matter of concern for the TEFA.

“We have monitored the work of selection committee, unfortunately criteria was breached by the committee as well as the committee had no independency,” said Ayobzada.

He said that government interfered in the process of the selection committee and a kind of systemized effort has been done over the committee.

Most of the selected commissioners are linked to the National Unity Government, only a few figures of the committee are partially independent, he added.

He highlighted that the selected new commissioners are not experienced figures.

“People have lost trust over the electoral bodies, thus weak and without experience figure will be failed to manage the issues and gain back people trust,” Ayobzada said.

“Connection of commissioners to the government, interference of government in selection committee, lack of experience of newly selected commissioners are the matters of concern for TEFA.”

He said that the two leaders had failed to operate and agree accord to the political agreement signed, which is another issue.

Head of the TEFA expressed concern over selection of commissioners, while the government has introduced 12 new commissioners for electorallybodies on Tuesday.

Najeebullah Ahmadzai, Abdul Qader Quraishi, Maliha Hassan, Wasima Badghisi, Maazullah Dawlati, Rafiulah Bedar, Guljan and Abdulbadi Sayyad were selected for Independent Electoral Commission.

Ghulam Dastgir Hedayat, Abdul Basir Fayez, Ali Reza Rohani, Homaira Haqmal and Abdul Azizi Ariayee are the members of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission.

The new commissioners took oath of office in a ceremony in the presidential palace.

It is pertained to mention that out of over 700 applicants, the selection committee recently has shortlisted 21 nominees for the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and 15 for the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC). The list of shortlisted candidates submitted to the president, where after assessment president has selected seven commissioners for the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and five commissioners for the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC).

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