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Tribal elders: Nobody can use name of Pashtoons in elections

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KABUL: Elders from three zones have warned that nobody should use the name of Pashtoon ethnicity in the presidential elections.

Hajji Din Mohammad, from Nangarhar province, alleged Tuesday in a gathering in Kabul that a conspiracy was going on to encourage big tribes and ethnicities confront each other.

Homayoun Homayoun, from Khost province accused the independent election commission of breaching the laws and procedures by the order from the UN office.

Amir Mohammad Akhondzada from Khost province, promised to prevent any kind of electoral frauds and defend people’s votes.

Maulavi Qalamoddin, from Logar province, asked the election commission not play with the people’s fate and keep impartiality.

Elders from the country’s three zones also said that they would stand against the commission if it didn’t divide valid and invalid votes. They added that the commission was under influence of the UNAMA and breaks the laws and procedures.

They asked the UNAMA to stop interfering in the electoral bodies’ affairs, vowing to defend the people votes.

The elders called on the election commission to stop vote recount and separate valid and invalid polls first.

“We are gathering here to defend the right candidate. We are standing besides Abdullah Abdullah,” said Homayoun.

Homayoun also accused the UNAMA of ordering election commission and that the commission was under direct influences of the UN body.

“Pashtoon is pretended to be the major ethnicity, it is cruel, it doesn’t obey the law and goes ahead arbitrarily,” Din Mohammad said, adding that the gathering was held to prove the allegation wrong by supporting Abdullah, a non-Pashtoon candidate.

Akhondzada asked the election commission not to play with the people’s fate pay respect to their votes.

Qalamoddin claimed that the national unity government was unable to meet people’s problems and to fulfill its promises for improving their life conditions.

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