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Tribes decide to torch houses of Daesh loyalists

By Edress Akbary

KABUL: After several villages in eastern Nangarhar province were cleared from presence of the Islamic State or Daesh fighters in the recent ongoing operations of the Afghan security forces, local tribesmen decided to cash fine and torch houses of those villagers who after this give shelter in their houses to Daesh fighters, officials sources said.Daesh Court

Afghan security forces, backed by the US airstrikes launched operations in July against main strongholds of Daesh fighters in several southern districts of Nangarhar that still continue.

Since launch of the operations, most of the areas were taken back and hundreds of the families, who had been displaced, returned to their villages.

“Tribal elders of Achin district have decided that those who give shelter to Daesh fighters in their houses will pay a fine of five million Afghanis and their houses will be torched,” Attaullah Khogyanai, spokesman for Nangarhar governor, said to Afghanistan Times. “Tribesmen also called on the villagers to help security forces.”

Nangarhar governor Salim Khan Kunduzi who was also present in the gathering called on the tribesmen to join hands to secure their villages.

He called on them (tribes) to choose an elder as their representative in order to share their problems with security officials.

“Security forces will continue military operation against Daesh fighters in the district, and we need villagers’ support in the fight against militants,” the governor said, adding, “After maintaining full security, we can also run developmental projects in the district.”


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