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‘Tribesmen have to mobilize against terrorist’: Ongoing conflict is not Afghan’s profile, but neighboring, regional and world’s intelligences war

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Tribal elders and the civil society activists on Tuesday strongly condemned the recent terrorist attack on the Afghan National Army’s 209th Corps Headquarters in northern Balkh province, urging all tribesmen across the country to come up and mobilize against terrorists.

According to them, the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan is not Afghan profile war, rather it’s a war of neighbors, region and world’s intelligence.

They furthered, based on Islamic teachings, Jihad is never allowed in Afghanistan and against Afghan people, especially in such holy place like mosques and other public areas. “Such acts are not having any Islamic bases, but could be taken as an atrocity act against Islam and innocent Afghan Muslims.”

“Ongoing war is not Afghan war at all, this is the regions, worlds and Intelligence war in a bid to showcase their power in form of competition. “But, unfortunately, the Afghans are the victims of this war,” Ghafoor Liwal, Acting Minister for Border and Tribal Affairs told newsmen on Tuesday.

“Afghanistan has been witnessing conflicts for almost four decades, where there are some challenges among tribesmen. Time is ripe for all tribes across the country to mobilize and keep unity in order to overcome the current crisis,” he said.

Moreover, he said that narcotic dealing from $300-600 billion is directly linked with terrorism. “Terrorism and narcotic are inter linked with each others.

To make his point more clearly, Liwal said in the past 14 years conflict is ongoing in Helmand province, because of narcotics.

Furthermore he claimed, different strangers including Chechnya, Uighur, Panjabi, Uzbekistan and so money other terrorists are fighting in different parts of the country under the name of Afghan war.

“Afghans have same religion, same culture, so why they should linger on fighting between each others, he noted.

“It is the due time to mobilize against stranger terrorists and rescue our nation and country.”

He also asked Ulema’s to preach through mosques against terrorists and motivate people to mobilize against them and keep unity.

Coordination Center for Eastern Zone Councils Head, Abdul Khaliq Husaini, said “targeting innocent Afghan army at a time when they were performing prayers has no any place in Islam and in the Sharia Law.”He added that Afghan army bravely fighting foreign terrorists. This is strangers’ war, but kills our children, women and elders under the name of Jihad, he asserted.

Regarding Taliban insurgents, he said, “If Taliban are true Muslims, why they are taking weapons from Russia and killing patriot Afghan Muslims.”

While putting weight behind Afghan security forces, he called on the Taliban insurgents not to be used as strangers’ tool. He called on them to join the Afghan-owned and Afghan-lead peace and reconciliation process.

Representative of Loya Kandahar Councils, Mohammad Ebrahim Alkozai, said “we, all the tribesmenwould stand firm at the side of the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces in order to utilize our right position in defending our country.”

Representative of Hazara Ethnic Councils, Mohammad Salem Husaini, said “over 99 percent of Afghan population is Muslim. Constitution was drafted at the light of Islam and all affairs implement based on Sharia law, so there is no any reason to declare Jihad here.”

He said that terrorist under the beckon of neighboring countries, particularly Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)  of Pakistan, have been fuelling war inside Afghanistan, which has no any Islamic bases.

At the end, the Deputy Minister for Border and Tribal Affairs, Muhammad Yaqoob Ahmadzai called on the various tribal councils to work hard for mobilizing the general public for safeguarding the national interests. He said national unity against terrorist groups is the need of the day, adding that the ministry would provide the required and possible support to all deserving tribal councils across the country. He furthered, Afghanistan is our joint identity and home, safeguarding state institutions and protection of the lives and properties of the general masses could be secured through collective wisdom and unity. Moreover, he added that the Afghan people are committed to stand like rock against terrorism and destruction, posed by the neighboring and regional hostile countries.

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