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Trump strategy bolsters U.S.-Afghan military coordination

AT-KABUL: The US new strategy for Afghanistan and the South Asia has been successful that has caused achievements in various arenas, the defense ministry claims, saying that it had helped more coordination between Afghan and US troops.

The ministry’s spokesman, Mohammad Radmanesh said Tuesday that more soldiers were recruited in the commando unit after the announcement of the US strategy, adding that the unit is being expanded and armed with modern ammunition.

“Mr. Trump’s strategy on Afghanistan has put great impacts over the coordination between Afghan and US troops, Afghan air force arming, political and military pressures on Pakistan andempowerment of commando units, and we have made successful steps in struggle against terrorism,” said Radmanesh.

US president, Donald Trump announced his administration’s strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia in August, 2017. The strategy sparked hopes among the people of Afghanistan over the improvement of the situation in their country by pressuring Pakistan to bring Taliban to the negotiation table.

But the recent reports prepared by the defense and state departments as well as the USAID, have downplayed the impact of the strategy on the situation in Afghanistan, saying there had been little developments.

The report has touched Taliban’s fresh attacks, saying that the militants have still maintained areas under control and carry out deadly attacks in different parts of Afghanistan including the capital Kabul.

The situation has worsened in many areas such as the western province of Farah since the insurgent group announced its spring offensive title ‘al-Khandaq’ in April.

Lawmaker, Erfanullah Erfan, believes that the US strategy had put no impact on Afghanistan situation.

“We saw intensifying wars since the US president Trump has announced his strategy for Afghanistan and the South Asia as it was not successful. Ten of Afghans are killed every day, there was no progress in peace program, and unfortunately, Pakistan has misused the opportunity and has had no cooperation for the Afghan peace process,” said Erfan.

But a senior US military official had earlier said that the strategy would be fruitful for Afghanistan.

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