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Turkey conference on Afghan peace postponed

Turkey, Qatar, UN to continue their efforts to achieve peace in Afghanistan, says Turkish Foreign Ministry

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KABUL: Turkey announced it would not hold “Conference” on Afghanistan pace earlier slated for April 24. Turkish foreign minister said Wednesday that the decision for postponement was made after consultations with the United States and the United Nations as well as Qatar.

“We thought that it would be beneficial to postpone it …We consulted Qatar, the US and the UN and decided to hold it after Ramadan and Eid festivities,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told the Haberturk news channel, adding there is “no need to hurry” after the recent decision by the US to withdraw its troops.

“The conference would be meaningless without the Taliban joining. At the moment, we decided to postpone it since there is no clarity about the formation of the delegations and participation…The aim is not to initiate alternative talks to Doha but to contribute to the process. Hosting the meeting together in Istanbul will be Turkey, Qatar and the UN,” he said.

Turkey, Qatar, UN to continue their efforts to achieve peace in Afghanistan, said Turkish Foreign Ministry

The reason of the postponement was not mentioned by Turkish government, but Taliban’s statement for not attending the conference is considered as main reason to postpone it for the second time. The date for holding the conference is announced after Eid festivity (mid-May).

Taliban said they would not attend any conference until the US troops are in Afghanistan. The militant group insists Washington to pull out its soldiers by May 1, a move agreed by then president of the United States Donald Trump in a peace deal last year.

Taliban proved that they care of no pressures or demands by any country when they said that they would not attend the Turkey meeting.

They even said “no” to President Erdogan of Turkey who personally called on them to attend the conference. They actually dishonored Turkey politically.

The insurgent group has started unannounced spring offensive and the people of Afghanistan expect a bloody summer ahead.

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