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Turkey takes over Afghan-Turk schools

AT-KABUL: The government of Afghanistan handed over the management of the Afghan-Turk school to the Turkish government, a move that was followed by large reaction of the students’ parents.

The Afghan-Turk school that is active in Afghanistan for about two decades, has been recently problematic as Ankara has frequently asked Kabul to close the school, arguing that the school was financed and managed by Fathullah Gulen, a political opposition to the Turkey’s government.

Afghan ministry of education officially handed over the responsibility of the school to the Turkish education ministry on Monday.

Ibrahim Shinwari, caretaker education minister said the transition of responsibility would improve the education quality of the school.

“The decision was made based on the interest of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the value of our relations with Turkey as well as improvement in the education quality in this school. The transition is a normal process and the documents of the school were handed to the Turkish education foundation based on a contract.”

He added that the transition of the school’s responsibility would help increase of its branches to 28 in which, 18,000 students would be educated.

Currently, the Afghan-Turk school has 14 branches in seven cities covering 8,000 students.

The committee of the students’ parents alleged that security forces stormed the hostel of the school in Kabul, arresting four teachers three months ago.

Security sources confirmed the arrest, saying that it was carried out due to some doubts. They said two of them were released soon after the arrest, while two others were still in detention.

Turkish minister of education said in Kabul that the transition of the responsibility was done due to Turkey’s demand, threatening that those who try to hurt relationship of Kabul-Ankara, would be sacked from the school.

He assured that no changes would occur in the educational curriculum of the school, promising scholarships for the top students in Turkey.

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